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Windsor Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/05/2007
I've been living here since 2004 and I agree with some of the negative reviews regarding the Front Office Management. From time to time they rotate the people that work in the Management and some of them can be very friendly and helpful, but there can also be a very rude lady in there as well. When I needed to talk to the Management in person I too came across the "I'll be back sign," but when I went back, there seem to be no one in the office. As for the onsite Maintenance crew they can be very helpful when needed and have to call the Front Office to make appointments. As for parking, it can be really hard to find parking space late at night and on weekends, but the Front Office encourages tenants to park in the sister apartment right across the street. As for Security, not sure if they are doing their best job since somebody has been breaking into my car a few times right in the middle of the night. I remember 4 days after I moved in here my car alarm went off and when I looked outside there was this strange old Asian guy with glasses, brown pants with blue zipped up sweater few steps away from my car. When he seen me he started to stretch like he was exercising and have been missing 2 bolts from my license plate. I see him from time to time even now and when he see's me he stops walking and scurries away and disappears. Has anyone noticed this man while living here? As for the amenities like laundry, gym, pool, is very efficient.
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Windsor Ridge Apartments

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