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Garnet Victoria Apartments



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couldntstandlivinghere • Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2007
My boyfriend, baby and I lived here for about 5 months, but moved out last summer when my boyfriend, who is in the Navy came down with orders to move out of state..First off the manager was really cool until you got to know her. Anyway, we were scheduled to move in right after the weekend..We got to the apartment complex around 10:30 that morning, but when we walked up to the apartment we noticed all the windows open..Fans were everywhere inside the apartment, floors soaked and the entire rug pulled out onto the ground outside..The guys inside the apartment told us that the water heater had busted sometime at the start of the weekend and it would take 2 to 3 days to dry up and replace the rug. Finally one of the ladies in the office walked up and told us the situation and all i could think of is why she never called us at any point that morning to tell us what had happened. Ok, we had just left our old apartment and went straight there, which might have taken 45 minutes to the most and i know she was aware of what was going on for some time since the entire rug was pulled up, like 50 big fans were placed in the apartment and plus the guy said they had been trying to fix it since the early morning. They had our cell number so you would think that she would have thought to call since we were to be there that morning right? Anyway, so there we were with all of our stuff sitting out on a big trailer and the entire back of our truck full to the top and what was worse was that we had JUST handed in our keys to the old apartment. So i told her the situation and she said that there was nothing she could do about it..The rent was about $1070.00 plus all the move-in fees and the rent of a trailer so we were already out of money from the move and now we were stuck with having to find a place to stay at for 2 or 3 days. We had no family to fall back on because my boyfriend is Navy and we are not from the Los Angeles area..We go back to our old apartment and the old landlord lets us stay there for only that night so we did what we had to do and went back to the flooded apartment and slept there the second night..The floor was still wet concrete so we stayed on the kitchen floor, but the WORST part of it all was dragging my(at that time 7 months old)daughter around in this unstable situation. I was so worried that she was cold because of the fans blowing, windows having to stay open and us having to be on the kitchen floor all night so i just kept trying to make sure she was warm. I liked the place itself, but that was because we lived right in the pool area..The rest of the apartment place was a little more worn down and the hall areas seemed to be pretty worn out and dirty, but like i said i lived by the pool area so we didn't have closed hallways etc..so it wasn't that bad. It was very hard to do laundry since the machines were broken most of the time and you had to pretty much stand gaurd to get a machine and also someone took clothes out of my machine twice when i left my laundry to dry..Another thing that bugged me was the fact that they show you the BBQ pit when showing the apartment, but around the 3rd day we lived there we went out to the pool and noticed an out of order sign on the pit and it stayed out of order the entire time we were there, when we would ask someone about the BBQ pit being fixed we were told it would be up in a week or so, but it never once was in use while we were there..Not sure if it is up now or not though. What else??? The manager was sometimes rude and everyone says the same things about her being rude and not liking them. When we left it wasn't on good terms with her so i was just glad we were able to get out with the Military claus, which allowed us to break our least..Oh yeah, another thing is that when my boyfriend first went to tell her that he had to move because he had orders to be somewhere else she first refused to let us go and said that we had signed a lease and that he was going to be responsible and stay or pay until the lease was up..So he then told her that he wasn't going to pay or stay out the rest of the lease because he is in the Military and with the Military Clause she had to legally release him of his obligation to stay..I didn't get all of the details, but my boyfriend just said that she agreen to let him go, not that she had a choice and it just got to me that she would even act that way knowing it was not up to him on staying. Anyway, there were alot of other things that i didn't like. I didn't like the area around the apartment though since it was close to the Mall and shopping areas..Also the guys who work as the crew at this apartment(maint. man, fixer-upers)were all hard workers, very friendly and not at all like the landlord.
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Garnet Victoria Apartments

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