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Villa Viento



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Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
Do not rent here, this place is way to over priced with the things that come along with it. If you live downstairs you will automatically know that the neighbors upstairs have a 70 pound cat, because you could hear the beast run across their living room. Did I mention that it sounds like a heard of Buffalo are running up the outside stairs up to their apt, you could hear them in your living room w/ the t.v on. Good luck trying to open the windows, maintance puts so much paint each time someone moves it, that it gets stuck and here you are struggling just to open your window.....not to mention just like the cabinets that will not open either. Through the wall heater you could hear the neighbors T.V and even know what show they are watching, so put your T.V on the same wall as the wall heater, because your neighbor already did. Maintance had way to many drinks before they painted lines in the carport..you will notice when you try to park in it and notice when you walk by the other carports that the car parked next to you is a "rollerskate car" and they have a wide enough space for a Hummer. And you just spent 10 min trying to park your Hummer and still didnt fit. Then you said forget it and looked for open spots and they were all taken. The point is, parking sucks. I also have a jungle in my backyard because maintance has not responded to my calls about the grass/weeds growing. So its been growing and growing since Ive moved in. I feel sorry for whoever lives here next. Not to mention the leak in the restroom that made a puddle right in front of the toilet. It was pretty tricky when I really had to GO and more then once did this puddle thing accur. Ceilings are peopcorn. Enough said. By the way where did Christina go?? She was the best. Do not move here, for the same price you could live somewhere more updated and nicer looking.
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Villa Viento

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