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Regency Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/21/2005
If you want to reside in an area filled with prostitution, drug addicts, pimps, thieves, and hoodsters, then "The Regency Apartment's" is for you, given the aforementioned "guilty pleasures" you and your family will have to sit through, knowing full well "I TOLD YOU WHAT TO EXPECT BEFOREHAND." so don't be surprised by your eventual findings. I moved to the Regency apartments in the year of 1999, apparently having no idea that this area was filled with such filth and scum until the street lights went out, and the hookers came out in droves. You will sometimes hear the hookers yelling at passing cars, or walking down the street wearing little to nothing, in order to attract passing vehicles. The rental amount at the "Regency" has soared from $650.00 to $975.00 in the matter of a few years. The walls are paper thin to where I overheard my neighbor coughing, and vomiting in his bathroom. I saw my neighbor a few days later; he informed me that he just got over a cold, immediately apologizing for disturbing me. I said no problem, in which he proceeded to talk about the lack of privacy granted during your stay at the "Regency". <br><br>The building next door to the Regency is named "North Towers", and the rental amount there is $1025.00 for a one bedroom apartment. I had to throw that out there because some people confuse "The Regency Apartments" with "The Regency Premiere" which is not as nice as the "building that I live in" but the area of the two is about the same "HOOD-LIKE". If you do decide to relocate to Van Nuys and Valerio, don't park your car on the P1 level because five people thus far reported their car being broken into by an unknown assailant. It's much safer to park your car on the street, but please watch out for the high strung drivers that frequent the area in search of prostitutes, whom are usually known to hit&run without a shadow of doubt. <br><br><br>The roaches are becoming a problem for me because I am an extremely meticulous person when it comes to cleanliness, with that said, roaches lurk in your home and in the building hallways of level 1,2, and 3. I no longer invite my friends over due to the massive fear of being ridiculed for living in such "squalor" conditions. YIKES!!!!!<br><br><br>For those of you that are wondering why I would continue to live in the hell hole described above and the answer is quite simple, my credit was ruined two years ago because I obtained a loan for my dad, and he has yet to pay the loan back...I am stuck living here until my credit situation clears up.
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Regency Apartments

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