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Lofts at Pinehurst



Resident · 2007 - 2010
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Office Staff
I've lived here in several different apartments for a couple of years now. Lets start with the good: The staff is friendly. Not a bad price for the small loft style apartment. Well maintained property. Landscaping is well kept and the maintenance staff is clean, friendly, and speaks English. Fernando lives on the property. No dogs are allowed so you won't get incisive Chihuahua barking. Pool and spa are always clean. Entry gates have locks. Proactive security company. Appliances and fixtures are newer style. Cabinets are Euro style. Fake granite tops and stainless backing to the sink. One covered parking spot assigned per unit. Two gas BBQs for use near the laundry room. New washers and dryers using a key card system. Weight room, computer room, and entertainment room are nice but not very big at all. Not too far from the back end of the 118 and Wells onramp to the 126 freeway. Now with the bad: Sometimes people will randomly park in your assigned spot. Public parking fills up very fast so if you live in a back building it's a long walk from your car to your apartment. Lots of times you will see someone park in two spots. If you're handicapped then don't expect a spot to park there either because those are full too and the owners aren't handicapped either. The entry gates with locks are hardly ever closed and I don't think I've ever seen the main entrance or side building entrances not propped open. This place is within walking distance to DJs bar which is the only bar on the East end. Place is a dive. Also within walking distance to two liquor stores and a tattoo parlor. This complex is mainly in a residential neighborhood but this small business complex next to us brings a lot of unwanted traffic to what could be a quiet neighborhood. I'm probably going to attract even more riff-raff by mentioning this. The water in East Ventura is very pretty much meaning that your dishwasher is worthless. I use mine to store pots and pans. This means you can't drink it either. No filtering system I've ever tried could make it drinkable. Sometimes it has a high sulphur content too making the drains smell really bad. There is no air conditioning in the units and if you have a loft then it's especially hot because of the thin ceilings, lack of windows for a thru breeze, and location of the setting sun. It's compounded by the fact that you open your patio door to get clouds of "what-not" in exchange for the fresh air you expected. In my years here I've seen lots of cars get broken into and a few vandalized. The covered parking is quiet but there are a lot of spots that can't be seen by any apartments so they are easy targets for anyone wanting to take their time getting into your car. Expect at least five people per building to be smoking weed at any particular time. Medical or not don't expect management to do anything about it either because it's not up to them, it's up to Essex Property Management to decide if they want to take action and of course they don't. Because of that you end up seeing that kind of traffic running around the property. It's a vicious cycle and some apartment gets raided once a year or so but it continues. If you enjoy the whole building and your apartment to smell like weed and tobacco 24/7 then this is the place for you. All-in-all this complex could be a nice one if they ran off the riff-raff. There are good people who live here. It's just that the ones you see the most and the ones who cause the most attention to themselves are the ones I mentioned above. Not suprisingly those are the ones who cause problems in the pool area, drive the cars that park in the handicapped parking, and whom frequent the local "businesses" nearby. I'm out of here when my lease is up. It's worth the extra few hundred bucks in rent somewhere else for a safer drug-free environment.
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Lofts at Pinehurst

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