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Lofts at Pinehurst



Resident · 2009 - 2010
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Office Staff
1st i am still trying to get my deposit back even though i was sent a notice saying i was getting it back but then they decided to deduct all these fees out of it go figure! 2nd they kicked us out 2 days early because they had it rented on the 1st of the month and promised to reimburse us for the 2 days LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay they said because we left 1st thing in the morning we have to be charged a full day even though the INCOMPETENT Manager said he was going to reimburse it that morning during the walk through! We had a 14 month lease and was constantly dealing with noise , pollution, hard water, yellow water, drug dealing in the parking lot next to our window , fights on numerous occasions of all hours of the night and day. The place smelled like a smoke filled Casino and it enters through your house through the vents so you and your clothes smell like it! cops were called numerous of times to come to the building oh did i mention the Meth Lab they found! lol! Gang bangers by the pool ! i can go on But i will write some Positive feedback i like to mention the Fernando the Super is amazing and friendly! the 1st guy the had was incompetent and Fernando was his assistant he would have to clean up after the 1st guy! Thank Goodness they finally fired the 1st Super and put Fernando in charge! he knew how to fix things the 1st time! Chuck the Assistant Manager is very helpful and pleasant and doesn't yes you or -------- you! i can't say much for Adam the Manager ! he is a nice guy but a "yes man" and lies to your face constantly ! still waiting for my parking spot after 14 months! still waiting for him to stop the pot smell in the hall way and the cigarette smell that bellows into my house through the vents! we had to cover the vents so that meant no heat! yay! Brrrrrrrr........... well rather be cold then smell like an old stale motel! Please note just because your lease goes up doesn't allow you to move out even though we were told we could then we were told we have to give 30day notice 1st! can you say CONTRADICT! Don't bother to complain either nothing will be done either ! if you are in your early 20's , smoke and do drugs then this is perfect for you! Otherwise if you want peace and Quiet maybe even fresh air to breathe DO NOT MOVE HERE! By the way i moved to Ventura from Los Angeles to get fresh air and be in a safe enviroment ! lol! i was safer in the ------ and more quiet!
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Lofts at Pinehurst

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