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kemseifer • Resident 2013 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/09/2015
By far the worst renting experience I've had. Over the course of a year and a half, I've had my car vandalized, our family bikes damaged by sand bags falling off the roof into the yard from their contractors, a year living with a heater that didn't work due to an electrical fire, (keep in mind that it had been brought to their attention multiple times over that year before they actually did anything about it) ,there have been numerous issues with water damage and the structures plumbing, a threatening eviction letter claiming rent had not been paid in full after a calculation error on their part, rodent infestation, and to put the cherry on this delicious sundae, two weeks of kitchen renovations when they finally addressed the plumbing/water damage issue (good on them for at least addressing it), however, after bringing it to their attention that we didn't have any kitchen/stove/microwave access for two weeks and at least wanted to be reimbursed for some meals during this time, we were told that would be no problem. Skip ahead a couple months, two different times I have been told that the corporate had cleared it and a check was on its way, the third time I attempted to contact them about it I was told they have new management and would have to start the process over, and any reimbursement would be in gift card form, but hey, at least they allow pets of all sorts. TLDR; vandalism, property damage, threats, rodent infestation, extremely poor unit maintenance. Included are just a couple pictures from the water damage and rodents nest under our cabinet.
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Summerview Beach Resort Luxury Apartments

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