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Office Staff
Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/16/2017
Hello fellow people that want to find an apartment and look for reviews mine doesn't lie! Ok this dark barks everyday we say which apartment it is to the office THEY DONT DO **** AND these kids ride the skateboards EVERYDAY down the hallway AND this one kid whistles as loud as he can and claps as loud as he can everyday right in the MIDDLE OF where the pool is and the kids laugh at me everytime I go outside this lady slams the door everyday people talking AS LOUD AS THEY CAN EVERYDAY they take out the water too much the respect for neighbors here is NOTHING. And I have to SIT in this apartment just to STAY AWAY FROM THEM the people here are insanely loud the kids broke the lamp which I HAD TO CLEAN UP smashed the glass for the fire extinguisher and this fat idiot calls her dog everyday with the most annoying way to call it AND THE DOGS NAME Sarah Sarah Sarah EVERYDAY and the people in the office oh my they won't do ANYTHING YOU ASK FOR OR NEED HELP for they promised to fix the problems with the apartment once we moved in THEY NEVER DID ANY OF THAT there's NOTHING FUN TO DO IN VENTURA EITHER. If you think of finding a nice apartment THIS ISNT IT!!! And I 5 star the noise because it's SO MUCH and I don't know if that's good or bad but I mean it in the VERY BAD WAY. Oh AND if you live upstairs the people stomp by and run down the stairs stomping while laughing the people here are VERY UNRESPECTFUL and the people in the office don't help you at ALL FOR ANYTHING WHATSOEVER. I have a TON more things I hate about this place but can't say everything cause it's too much. So if you think of moving go to a hotel motel rent a home or find another apartment cause these people SUCK!
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