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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/05/2012
Pacific Gardens is a nasty place to live. We know people who lived there for 18 months, give or take a month or so and finally had to leave because the wife has brain cancer and the stress is literally killing her (I'm not kidding here) her physicians at Cedar Sinai finally took her and her husband aside and told her the stress was enough and living situation was adding to a losing situation - what was so bad about their home? (btw they used attorneys and followed housing authority guidelines to terminate their lease - it was done completely legally) learned using records that the people that lived there were drug dealers and were constantly hounding the wife at all hours looking for drugs (these people were not even drinkers and they moved into an apartment where thugs had lived and peddled drugs to the neighborhood - nice! no warning, no nothing) their home, carport and belongs were vandalized several times, the woman who lived there before them was murdered and she lingered freaking everyone out (also was not informed of this - totally illegal, and they have friends with the DEA who have quietly reported this and started an inquery into HOW a company can LOOK THE OTHER WAY FOR SO LONG AND BE SO ------- IRRESPONSIBLE AND GET AWAY WITH IT - not just re: the drug thing but shutting off people's water, like the neighbor lady who had NO water for months on end and had to move into a hotel...) loud neighbors, constant fighting around them, dog was attacked by a neighbor dog, office held onto packages for more than a month and husband was almost fired (no notice) water shut off on a regular basis (weekly) in short, this was the most miserable place these people ever lived in their 20 year marriage and still this unclassy, unprofessional place has had the nerve to try to collect a "fee" for breaking a perfectly legal contract - no one with an operational brain cell would EVER rent from these ingrates. EVER. completely serious. Our friends have let everyone know in Los Angeles where they've relocated and we've let everyone know in Ventura where we're at. These people are really nasty. But hey - karma is a -----. DEA has been notified and other authorities are looking into the company and apparently they're well aware that ----- and co have looked the other way for many years...too bad our friends didn't know this before, could have saved them pain and suffering before they had to go through all of this but it's nice to know what THESE guys have coming, isn't it? retribution is sweet! Have a feeling the management & investors has no clue what their -------- managers are up to because believe me...if they did they'd be out on their 300 pound asses...we have friends who own apartment buildings up in Palo Alto and if they tried to pull half the crap these mexican ------- did in Ventura they'd be back scrubbing motel six toilets where they belong.
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