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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/24/2013
I currently live at The luxury pacific View Apartments . I recommend that this place be shut down or drop there rent to $900 a month! I can't believe the shot that goes on here ! Nothing ever gets fixed ! And from what. Heard today the third building is going on two days with no power! My friend told me she had no hot water for two days ! WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS PLACE ! I'm sure there are laws out there that pertect the tenant from this kind of ----! If there is a lawyer out there that could help us poor people ! How can a VERY BIG REALITY company hold there heads up high knowing that there are so many problems with there property! And I half to back up management they only work here ! They are not the one's who write the checks for things that need to be done ! Ya we get mad at the Because they are the only ones to yell at ! But it's not really there fault they are just the middle men! I have never had problems with the ladies in the office! They have always been very nice :) But this place is a ------ place to live at ! All I can say is if you plan on moving in BRING A BIG --- PORTABLE GENERATER So YOU WILL HAVE POWER AND WARM WATER ! :) EVERY MONTH AT LEAST 2 TO 3 WATER SHUT OFF'S !
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Summerview Beach Resort Luxury Apartments

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