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Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/07/2013
I never thought I would have to do this but this is a warning to future residents who may be considering living in Pacific Gardens "Luxury" Apartments. I was warned but I didn't listen to all the negative reviews here and previous residents who all had similar stories. I should have. First off I am not a bitter teen with too high of expectations for a first apartment reviewer. I am in my 30's, have rented many apartments. I am no stranger to how it works. First thing I want to warn people about is make sure to document all your transactions with Management. They mail you a statement every month with a total at the bottom of your rent plus your share of the utilities. Make sure you keep the paper they mailed to you! If not, you will get a notice on your door saying you owe them money. I talked to at least 5 of my neighbors who had the same problem. Also, never pay them cash for anything. If you do, they will say you never payed them the money and you will get further notices on your door that you owe them money. Make copies of everything, checks, bills etc. This is for your own protection. When you approach them about this with proper documentation, they will tell you they use a 3rd party billing company and it is their fault and they will reverse the charges. Once you call them on it, you will never have this problem again. Strange how that works. The second thing I want to mention is rent and utility prices. Pacific Gardens does not include any utilities. This means you will pay for gas, water, electricity even trash. I don't think tenants should have to pay for trash pickup. There are many other places that include trash, water and gas and don't include electricity which realistically should be a very minimal charge. The cost of utilities at Pacific Gardens, in my opinion, is excessive. They are shared with the whole complex, this means you can be energy conscious and use a very minimal amount of water, electricity and gas but it really makes no difference and there is no reward to you to do as such. You get punished in the pocketbook because you are sharing with some others who really don't care. People come and go like a revolving door at Pacific Gardens. If you stay for a while you will see that only about half of the apartments are being lived in. With this being said it is still around $100 a month on top of your rent. Your $1000 1 bedroom apartment is now an $1100 1 bedroom apartment. I think rent is a little excessive as well. The grounds are decent but old and moderately run down. I definitely wouldn't call it "Luxury". The apartments are old and show it. Peeling paint on the eaves, termite damage, old drywall, popcorn ceilings, old cabinetry that have been painted over a million times, painted shut, poor craftsmanship etc. For the price I would expect better. Parking is a major issue here. For the amount of apartments that are currently vacant, there is literally nowhere to park and cars parked all over the allies not even in designated parking spots. If you work a job where you get home later than 7pm you can forget about finding a parking spot. This leads me to believe that current residents either have multiple vehicles or there are multiple residents breaking the rules of tenant capacity per apartment. Either way, it's a mess. I will say the landscapers do a good job of keeping it presentable. The maintenance people are downright lazy. They will also enter your apartment without the proper 3 day notification. When I first moved in the door knob to the front door fell off in my hand. I re-secured it and found out that it was bent and they only use one screw to secure it rather than two. I fixed it and didn't have the problem again. Around 2 months later I was sitting in my apartment when I heard someone jiggling on the door knob, then the door unlocked and in came the maintenance guy. He looked extremely surprised to see me as I was to see him as well. He explained to me that he was there to fix the door knob. I never even complained about the door knob. Then he told me that he had the work order for months and the apartment was vacant when he originally got the work order. No knock, no notice, no warning. I don't recommend living here unless you are in a pinch. They will nickel and dime you for everything they can. The management uses scare tactics because they count on you being complete oblivious to your rights as a renter. Please consider somewhere else to live. Read these reviews and don't make the same mistakes.
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