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1575 Oak Drive, Vista, CA 92084
1575 Oak Drive, Vista, CA 92084

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Oak Manor



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 05/18/2011
I thought I hit jackpot when coming into this apartment. Started of beutiful, manager was super friendly, the landlords are great, beutifull landscaping with lots of flowers and very green, it makes you feel like you are taking a nature walk. The people are very nice and quiet cant complain. No violence or any gang mambers coming in at all. If there is a problem or something that needs to be fix maintenance would take care of it right away. But all great things come to an end. My cars had gotten broken into as well as some other renters and in my case i was told there was nottin they can do since apparently the gate is only for show and not for safety. They told me sorry that your cars got broken into but you need to understand that your cars stickn out from the rest. Basically telling me its your fault for having a nice fixed car and insisted on me gettin the car fix because it made the complex look bad. Then I had a mouse in the apartment wich i heard many other people did as well, and the manager gave me attitute telling it was my fault because I keep my front door open. I dont understand how she dares tell me what happens in my house in a very rude manor and how can i when i have a two year old child that can walk out and fall down the stairs. After that once i had a problem with something maintenance would show up 3 days later or not at all. Honestly its a great apartment i really do like it here its just the manager that i cant stand and i feel she needs to be replaced as well as many other here living in Oak Manor.
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Oak Manor

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