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Oak Manor



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/19/2012
The price on average is much cheaper then most in the area. Which is why I selected to live there for the short time I cwould be in CA. Now as you can imagine for the price you wouldn't get anything special but it does the job. I'm not complaining about that by any means, it worked for what I needed it to. I only had my car which is a spot is assigned to you however it probably won't be close to you as mine was not. My neighbors where super loud, they where up all hours of the night doing God knows what. Calling that little security number and telling the office solved nothing. Before I moved in Beth swore that they where the quietest compex in the area and that they hardly ever have police there. Well that was not true at all. The first week I was there I saw unmarked cars with agents get out and raid an apartment. On a weekly basis when I would go check my mail after work I would see the police SUV sitting by the office. I felt the woman in the office(Beth) was very nosey and wanted to know things that where none of her business about my life and marriage. When I moved in I gave the inspection sheet as you normally do when you move into a rental. Since it was after hours I put it in the drop box and then asked her if she received it the next day she said that she didn't have it in front of her but would look for it and call me back. So anyway she said she found it, no big deal right. Well when I moved out and saw the inspection sheet that wasn't the one I filled out and I was then being charged for things that where already there, I realized that she didn't get my inspection sheet. Now I didn't nor have I ever expected to receive the full refund since carpet cleaning and things like that. Mind you I only lived there for about two months and worked full time so I was hardly ever in the apartment. I am just amazed on how someone can run a business and be dishonest, it's a shame. Overall I was not impressed at all and less than pleased.
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Oak Manor

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