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Spanish Castle Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/05/2007
We are new tenants at this complex and have only been here since December, but our experience with the Management here has been absolutely nothing short of HORRIBLE. We were duped into renting the apartment directly above the manager (it doesnt take an einstien to figure out its probably the hardest unit to rent out), and now he comes up all the time to complain that we are making too much noise. The problem is that our noise levels are honestly nothing out of the ordinary day to day kinda stuff.<br> <br>My roomate and I are both in our early 20's and I know that when we say we don't make noise people take it with a grain of salt, but it is the honest to gosh truth. No parties, we do not have music blaring at all hours, we have the occasional guest, but that's IT! We are on the second floor and have just had people move above us on the 3rd floor and the walls and cellings in this place are so thin, when someone walks around just normally it sounds like we have a bowling alley upstairs. But that's just part of living in an apartment, sometimes things aren't totally quiet. We understand this and do not complain to our upstairs neighbors bc nothing short of sprouting wings and being able to fly from one end of the apartment to the other will make it go away.<br><br>What we are experiencing right now is nothing short of harassment from our manager down stairs. He once came and pounded on our door at 4 am because my roomate accidentally fell asleep with the TV on. We do not own an expensive sound system with subwoffer speakers. Furthermore, my roomate's tv is directly against the wall where the head of my bed is, and I was able to fall asleep no problem. How loud can a TV really be to make it necessary for someone to come to your door at 4 am pounding like the police?! He also once insisted on entering our unit at 2 am to check out a noise, which violates tennant rights. He's only allowed to enter during business hours, with 24 hour written notice. He's even told us to stop WALKING past 12am!!!<br><br>We complained to the president of Wellington Property Company, and were treated very rudely. There was no effort made to listen to our side of the story, and I detected a bit of age discrimination, being that he talked to me like I was a 5 year old and lectured me instead of figuring out how to solve the problem. We are currently exploring different avenues to air our grievences.<br><br>ALSO... and a big also... the grounds are in such disrepair that the Mailman got stuck in the old, decrepit elevator that stinks inside and probably hasnt been replaced since the '70s. I called the Wellington Property emergency number and got an ANSWERING MACHINE! Fancy that! In an emergency, they get me to talk to a machine! I called 911 to get the poor man out of the elevator, AFTER trying my best to get a hold of the "onsite property manager" who did not respond to phone calls. After the fire department came and got the poor man out, the manager proceeded to reprimand me for calling 911 and said that I should have waited for him to come with the key and blamed me for the repairs he had to make to the elevator doors! Oh yeah, and then he tried to blame the mailman for getting stuck in the first place!<br><br>In short... DO NOT RENT HERE. It is obvious they do not respect nor value their tennants.
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Spanish Castle Apartments

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