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Resident · 2010 - 2013
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I cound't believe this when my friend told me about the horrible reviews she read of my apartment complex on the internet. How dare they trash the Manager and the complex. He has done more for this building than any other manager we have had in the past. The place is clean, laundry open now 24 hours instaed of closing at 10pm, new gates, gym, cameras, playground and new exterior lighting. Yes he may have some tatoos but so do I. So what!!!!! That does not make us bad people. When you have 150 families living in close quarter yes there are going to be issues. But he gets on them immediately. There used to be drunks hanging out in the alley way next to the property but no more thanks to him. He has made this a much safer and more pleasant place to live for all of us. I understand he and his wife live on the property but the old Managers went home at night and did not care what happened while they were gone. He has been here for more than a year and is doing a great job. If you want to live where you really feel at home then Watersone is the place for you.
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