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Cinnamon Creek



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Cinnamoncreekishell • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/01/2007
This place is beyond it's barrier. I cannot believe I even chose this place. Everything is a ripoff here. Have you ever looked inside your little storage unit outside? It doesnt even have blocking on it from the sharing storage unit next to it. The place is filled with spiders and all the front office cares about is new lease agreements not the ones they promised things too and denied as soon as you mentioned it when the time came. <br><br>These liars!! I can't even believe arnell has 19 properties. This is the worst place ever possible. I have lived at several communities, I wouldnt even call this a community. This is more like hell on earth. You wake up at 6am from your vietnemese neighbor cooking cats for breakfast. . . . Sorry i meant fish sticks and yeah i agree with all the negative postings put on here.<br><br>I am willing to guarantee you, the ones that are positive are posted by people who work here. There is no way any resident can have anything good to say about this corrupted joint. Screw these people!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>Oh, and did I mention the bums waking you up as well digging in the trash bins looking for some cool stuff. How embarrassing is that when you have a guest spend the night and they wake up to bums fighting over a half piece of orange chicken.
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Cinnamon Creek

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