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Cinnamon Creek



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hellashiztyt • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/09/2007
Hi all, <br><br>I am a current tenant at Cinnamon Creek. I have lived here since August 2006 and I am moving next week. My stay here has been subpar to say the least. Here are some of the problems I have had:<br><br>1) My vehicle has been towed three times by mistake. (All three times it was no-charge but it was a MAJOR pain) I had to argue, yell, scream, and wasted hours on the telephone. A very unpleasant experience!<br><br>2) The stove in my apartment has never functioned properly. After repeated attempts by maintence to repair, I just gave up and began to eat out only.<br><br>3) The toilet in the second bathroom has leaked since day one. Again, maintence has been unable to repair the problem so I just make a point to clean the bathroom floor on a every other day basis.<br><br>4) Electric heater in the second bedroom does not function. Again, maintence was unable to repair so I compensated with a few extra blankets.<br><br>5) The onsite management personnel is very incompentent. They have been rude and confrontational with me as a tenant. They have never been able to rectify any of my concerns and problems that I've had. A particular upsetting instance was when I was awakened @ 900 am to the aweful pungent smell of paint from the unit they were prepping below mine. They didn't even have the courtesy of notifying me so I could be out of the apartment and avoid the incredibly toxic and harmful chemicals that I was exposed to. As usual when I addressed the problem, onsite managment was napologetic.<br><br>Now the good:<br><br>1) I've lived on the north middle side of the complex and it is relatively quite at night. <br><br>2) I have not had a problem with theft or any type of crime which.<br><br>I remember checking this site right before I signed the lease with Cinnamon Creek. I was kind of in a bind and convinced myself that everything would be alright... Well, I can honestly say that Cinnamon Creek is the worst aparment complex I have had the displeasure to call home. In hindsight I would definetly choose another place to call home... It could have been as simple as the place right across the street!<br><br>If you would like any more information please email me ([email protected]) and I would be happy to share my experiences in greater detail. <br><br> <br><br><br>
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Cinnamon Creek

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