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Harbor Verde Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/27/2010
Management wants to make apartment complex up scale but keeps renting to people with terrible credit ratings (Gang bangers, Thugs). Rents 1 bedroom units to families of 5 or more. The more members in your family the more you qualify to rent a large ONE bedroom apartment unit. The complex is listed as Apartment Homes! (----, you got to be kidding). Kids are constantly running around the complex dumping their candy wrappers, coke cans, unfinished ice cream sticks. Guard on duty is too busy looking chicks, always flirting while supposedly working! He's already knock up one chick! Employees are unqualified electricians, plumbers, and maintenance workers. Water is constantly being turned off without notifing tenants and always forgotten to be turned back on after work has been done. Security doors that we purchase with our own money were replaced without notifing us on their intent or when work would be done. Then the old security door locks were never placed back on the new security doors, we tenants had to go find our old doors remove the locks and had to install them back onto our new doors ourselves! No respect for a tenants well being or privacy! Manager walks around like he's bad ---.
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Harbor Verde Apartments

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