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Harbor Verde Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/08/2012
I have been a tenant here since 2010 and this place is the worst,worst place to live! They advertise as upscale, but they are far from it! These are 1 bedroom & studio apartments, but they have no limit on the number of people that can live in a unit! My neighbors have next door have 5 adults and a child in their 1 bedroom apartment! Managers will delay and delay showing your unit until your move-in day so that you don't back out of the lease and make them repairs things like the old rust stained toilet, dirty stained carpet, cabinets that don't close, molded bathroom windows...they have been running this scam for years! One obvious notice is there is no on site manager for over 300 apartments! So if you have a maintanence issue outside of Monday - Friday 9-5 you will have to wait or call the emergency number...where the guy only speaks spanish and leaves too far to come for an actual emergency! No one from the management or maintanence team lives here...even with the offer of free rent they don't want to live here!!! Parking sucks...you get two spaces...but they will be nowhere near each other...one of this side of the complex and one on the other!!! And the spaces were painted very small so you will get your car dented or have to let passengers out before you park! The spaces are so small if someone parks on both sides you will have to slide out of your car to get out!!! No joke! But the real issue here is the infestation of ROACHES! ROACHES! ROACHES!!! The roaches are everywhere and in every apartment!!! They are so bad they exterminate the complex every Friday! Before you rent here check with the city health department and they will tell you how many numerous times they have been to this complex and ordered it to be exterminated!!! The roaches are so bad that they are in the laundry rooms and the managers office!!! The over crowding and dirty people have caused a roach problem & if you complain they will just add you too the list to be "sprayed on Friday"...which doesn't help because your if your neighbors have roaches you have roaches... Before you rent here ask about the ROACHES and then RENT somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh,yeah because this complex is located by an open field once it gets dark it turns into wild kingdom!!! The skunks and racoons take over!!! The garbage cans are left open and very unkept so the huge racoons and skunks come to feast every night so you can't take your garbage out once it gets dark unless you don't mind being sprayed by a rabid skunk or chased by an oversized garbage fed racoon!!! All in all this complex is not a safe place, was bad when I moved in here and has gotten worse with each passing day!!! There is nothing good about this complex!! Thank God I am moving out next week!!!
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Harbor Verde Apartments

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