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Harbor Verde Apartments



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missdeb1226 • Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/26/2004
The good: any problem you have, they will immediately repair it, or assist you. That is the best thing about living there. Rent receipts are given timely to you also. You are given a 5 day grace period with a fee. <br> <br>The good: They complex has security bars all around it. You use a card key to get through the main gate. They have security personnel there also day and night. <br> <br>The bad: Parking for tenants is horribly tight and I feel its against fire safety codes. <br> <br>The Bad: Burglaries are high there. To your vehicle and yes to your apartment. People who live within the apartment complex who do not work, watch when you go and come. Timing you. Then will take the opportunity to break through you windown in your bedroom and rob you. Robberies seem to be higher during the end of the month, when rent is to be paid. <br> <br>The Bad: They say your security deposit will be returned 21 days after you move out. It´s been 26 days now and I have not received my deposit/refund. <br> <br>The Bad: Skunks regulary stink up the place, not HG responsibility. It´s just that you are living next to a field and a swamp. <br> <br>The Bad: You are living next to a golf course and the first day I moved there I found a golf ball next to my vehicle. That worried me. <br> <br>The bad: Open beer containers are tossed around with no respect towards other tenants. <br> <br>The bad: Also because of the location the PCH offramp is a major offramp. You get a lot of police and ambulance sirens daily and nightly living there. Also you are positioned living one block away from Kaiser. So expect alot of noise from emergency vehicles. <br> <br>The bad: Getting off the freeway at PCH or Anaheim it was disgusting to see handicap homeless people and children selling socks and mangos off these exits. Beggers begging for spare change. <br> <br>The bad: There is not appropriate parking for the visitors. <br> <br>This apartment is strict on rules and will tow your car away immediately if you park wrong. <br> <br>the city needs to widen the street and allow the length of the street for outside visitor parking, but because the golf course is next door they won´t. <br> <br>The bad: Screaming children in the pools, there is no respect for the neighbors peace of mind. So if you live near the pool you need expect "screaming" noises day and night. As the pool is open til 8pm. <br> <br>The bad: Laundry is expensive. $1.00 to wash and $1.00 to dry and you have to use a wash card to pre-charge up for this usage. There are no folding tables in the laundry rooms. I think its expensive and not giving you a table is rude. <br> <br>The bad: Noise through the walls is not great. You can hear your neighbors music if too loud. But they have rules so you can complain to get things happier for you.
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Harbor Verde Apartments

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