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The Met Warner Center



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2001 Recommended
Reviewed 03/19/2002
I read some of the other comments, and I must say that from the reviews, it´s sounds like a totally different place than where I lived. <br> <br>The outside of the complex is all white and fairly modern looking, the grounds are kept clean and the pools were always clean. There is a fair amount of tall trees on the grounds which adds to the suburban feel. <br> <br>I had an upstairs corner unit, with vaulted celings, gas fireplace, gas stove, full size microwave, dishwasher. The bedroom was a good size with a nice attached bathroom with a long vanity and two closets in the bedrooms. My unit was very quiet since it was an upstairs unit and on the corner. My patio overlooked a small court yard with a huge pine tree ouside my window. <br> <br>The vaulted celings gave my unit a much larger feel. That aspect and the fire place added to the upscale look of the unit. <br> <br>There was plenty of space in the living room for my 8 foot sofa and 6 foot love seat, the dinning area was just right for my 48 inch round dinning table and 4 chairs. <br> <br>The kitchen is small, room for only one cook. But it´s nice because everything is at arms reach and you dont have to move all around to do your cooking. It had a very nice gas range and oven with attached full-size microwave. Even though the kitchen was small, there was more than enough storage space. <br> <br>The dinning room also had a double-sliding door closet/storage area <br> <br>There was also a small extra storage closet outside on the patio. <br> <br>The bedroom fits nice with a queen bed, would be tight with a king, but could work. <br> <br>Parking was my car was excellent. I had assigned, undergound parking (out of the daily heat), right next to the elevator. Just perfect. Guest parking was a bit of problem, with not enough guest spots. <br> <br>I have never had any bug problems, no noise from other units or outside. Very clean, upscale unit. It was a complete joy to live there. <br> <br>I feel that my happiness was due to the fact that I selected a really good unit. It was upstairs, on the corner, in the back. In any complex, it´s the unit that you select that can make or break your experience. <br> <br>I suggest an upstairs unit, with vaulted celings a corner unit if you can get it. <br> <br>My only complaint is their billing. If you have a question about it, there is only one person who can answer your questions. At the time I lived there he was a elderly man who didn´t seem to get things quite right at times. Other than that, It I enjoyed my stay.
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The Met Warner Center

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