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intuin • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/11/2007
My current roommates picked this place out when I was still living in Sacramento. The staff seemed friendly at first.<br>How was/is our experience?<br>-We had a leak in the bathroom that did not get fixed for at least 2 months [it was an on and off problem]. Every time the bathroom leaked, an earwig infestation would appear out of nowhere, which we were left to deal with. Eventually the staff fixed the problem, but only after countless calls and complaining.<br>-Our washer leaks water every once in awhile [still waiting to get that fixed]. Speaking of the washer and dryer units, they are extremely small. I don't even know why there is a small setting. I guess if you wanted to wash a pair of socks? <br>-Believe everyone when they say that the walls are paper thin. I can hear my neighbor's tv [which is on 24/7 for some strange and annoying reason]. I can literally hear what show is on above me. Also, every time the neighbors turn on their bath, I hear the noise from the water pressure as loudly as if my roommate were taking a shower. In addition to all of this, I live next to the door and stairs that lead to the other levels of the complex [everyone seems to have to stomp up the stairs and slam the door shut for my enjoyment]. My roommate has also complained about hearing the neighbors above having sex [they have amazing stamina apparently]. Complaints to staff about the neighbors are converted to courtesy calls, which are futile. Oh yeah, and the 101 [highway] is directly in front of the complex. The windows are good at muffling the sound, but come summertime when you want the windows open at night [to save A/C bills], forget about sleeping. <br>-The trash chute does get backed up a lot of times. I'm constantly having to leave my trash bag inside the room for the staff to deal with. I actually feel sorry for the cleaning staff, as many of the residents are really disgusting [leaving cigarette butts everywhere, broken jar of jalapenos, and just random pieces of trash around the complex in general].<br>-The elevators do work, but they are pretty junky and definitely need some work [the doors get jammed for a couple seconds a lot of times]. They reek of cigarette smoke every other day.<br>-The gym is crappy. The staff said they were in the process of adding free weights and more machines. Still have yet to see any additions.<br>-My most recent problem with this place is the parking. Before we signed the lease, they said they would work on getting us parking spots in the garage directly below our place [closer]. After much complaining/calling, they finally gave us a spot, only to be taken two months later by a NEW resident. The manager will take no responsibility for it, and says she will have our cars towed if we continue to park in the spot that HER OWN employee said we could use. To say the least, we are pissed. Parking outside is a lot easier/closer than parking in the spots we have been assigned to [other side of the complex], but you can easily get tickets if you don't move your car in time [no parking between 11pm-5am and street cleanings on Tuesdays]. I have gotten one ticket, my other roommate has gotten one, and my other roommate has gotten FIVE [he's obviously the one that doesn't use the garaged parking].<br><br>In sum . . . this place is atrocious. It is extremely overpriced [even without the above mentioned problems], and I can't begin to tell you how much I despise this place and it's staff. I just hope that people will read this and avoid the place altogether. Personally, I am counting down the days until our lease is up [140 days, 7 hours, 20 minutes].
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