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Woodland House Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/20/2005
I've lived here since 2001, and am currently looking to move, but I've read a few of the reviews out of curiosity and must say this place is not as bad as some of the reviews make it seem. First of all, you will not find a bigger place in the Woodland Hills area for less money. I have looked at several others (Avalon, Renaissance, Avondale, etc) and all are more expensive for less space and I could tell even from my brief visit they suffer from a lot of the same problems Woodland House does.<br>The good: apartments are spacious. I have never had a serious maintenance problem. The pool/courtyard areas are nice. The complex is generally quiet (although Denny's is frequently noisy late at night). I personally have had the good fortune of having most of my neighbors be quiet, normal, and mostly friendly.<br>The bad: There are possibly more strange people of various levels of creepiness than you would expect to find in a W Hills apt complex. I have encountered most of them, but not often enough to feel the need to run screaming from the place. People in general do not take care of the building, often leaving puddles of dog urine and piles of dog feces both in the grass and on the walkways (but I have seen this problem at every apt complex I've visited that allows pets). As a prior poster mentioned, as a single man I am somewhat embarassed to bring women here. Also, Management has some issues, although I personally have never had a problem with any of them.<br>Bottom line, you get what you pay for. If you can afford $2000 a month for rent go ahead and rent at Summit. But if you're on a budget it's hard to beat the square footage at the price Woodland House offers.
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Woodland House Apartments

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