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Courtside Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Matter.of.fact • Resident 2000 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/20/2007
We lived here and had two different managers. Got to say, ----- has her good points. Complain about someone and she will sic'em! Try and get something fixed like the stairs or a smoke alarm, no you're the bad guy! We did get our depost back, but she will always find something like "soap scum on the shower door" or something to charge you for. We also got charged for carpet cleaning (ducted from our deposit). We worked hard to clean that place out when we left! We were there for more than two years and she charged us for the carpet cleaning! When we moved in, there was band new carpet! It seemed so wrong that who ever came in after we were there was getting used carpet. After all, that I feel sorry for anyone who lives there now! You will get screwed if you already haven't! Oh, don't plug your Christmas lights in on the out side light post, she'll have a fit. Does ------ still hog up parking spots with his 3 cars? Parking always sucked! If someone parks in your assigned parking spot after she has left the office, you're on your own! I know of a guy that had to wait 3 days to get his parking spot back.<br><br> Kids want to wear some goggles to the pool or have floaters on their arms, hell no! Those are "Toys" according to ------. Some speed bumps would be nice over by apartments 1-30. The laundry rooms used to be kept clean, but when ---- took over, well lets just say that changed too. ----- was more concerned about keeping the pool area looking so nice and clean so she could show it off to new prospective tenets and gives them a false scence of reality. Forget about resurfacing the pool and hot tub. Come on now, how about fixing those old rusting stairs so more people get hurt walking up them to their apartments! <br><br>
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Courtside Village Apartments

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