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Westside Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/19/2008
I would never recommend that anyone live here under any circumstances. The place is filled with noise that the manager does nothing about, nor does she care about. They claim they are posting new rules for "safety" but do absolutely nothing to enforce these rules, such as no bike riding or things of that sort in the parking lot, yet at this moment, there are kids screaming and running around, skateboarding and disturbing residents. Music is played at a very loud volume by neighbors at a close distance well into the night, and it is not uncommon to hear stomping and running coming from the upstairs apartments very early in the morning and very late at night. The neighbors have no consideration for other people and violate personal space by loitering on other people's porches and throwing rocks at doors and banging balls against walls, as well as knocking on doors and then running and tapping on windows and slash tires. They loiter around in the parking lot, directly in the way of incoming cars and do not move until the car is two inches in front of them. Fighting can be heard constantly, and it is certainly not uncommon to see two or three police cars enter the vicinity about fighting and/or noise levels, as well as prank calls to 911. I know of no one who lives in the downstairs apartments who feels save to keep their bedroom windows open at night, for fear of night prowlers. I know of at least one person who had their screen slashed in the middle of the night. In spite of the wooden fence built, people still do not feel safe. To top everything off, the place is a mess. There is very often shattered glass all around the completely filled dumpsters, and is a danger to young children who run around barefoot. In conclusion, if you are considering moving in: don't. If you already live here, move out. If you have already left, good choice.
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Westside Village Apartments

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