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Aurora Meadows Apartments



Prospective Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
Roaches roam around in the halls running from apartment to apartment under the doors. We find them in our notebooks for school, in the dishwasher (dead with our "clean" dishes), we put out poison but they still are everywhere. We went to bake cinnamon rolls one day, and in our baking pan, we found dead roaches. BON APETIT! Also strange, something is giving me hives in this apartment. What you ask is causing this? Wish I could answer that question myself. Thought at first it might have been bed bugs, judging by the other apartments, I have concluded they are not the cause, THANK GOD, (but, that does not mean they are not elsewhere in this apartment complex). We don't need another infestation. The stench of cigarettes in the non-smoking buildings is noxious and gives my boyfriend and his guests asthma attacks and headaches. The stench also makes me think maybe an animal died...or something... My friend, who has exercise induced asthma (that is only activated in cold air), feels not only sick to the stomach, but feels like a horrible asthma attack is most likely to occur upon each visit, (but not like its a problem for police and fire to find you, as they make regular visits out to this place. Nothing is as entertaining, as being able to sit on your balcony, drinking tea, counting emergency vehicles, the pretty lights and cool sounding sirens, witnessing chaos in front of you daily, WHO NEEDS TELEVISION???!!!) The staff are incompetent and are highly disorganized. We had to go back to the office three times to get the right key for the mailbox and it turned out they had given us the wrong box number but never double checked until the last time. Marijuana smoke wafts through the halls often while children run around unattended creating unnecessary ruckus. The neighbors turn their stereos and TVs up so loud late at night that you would feel like you were at the Pepsi Center. "Hey you! This milk is disgusting" "SHUTTUP!" In case you thought this recently quoted conversation/argument was from a soap opera, its not. In fact, it comes from your friendly neighbors above you, below you, or even next to you, who don't know what common courtesy is, or know what an "inside voice" is. Though sadly, you can hear people talking to each other, from another room using their "inside voice". Disappointing and annoying...I know. Are you a fan of basketball? Well, you will not be disappointed, as there is a kid who was heard bouncing a basketball daily in the apartment where he/she lived. Nice isn't it, to hear the bounce of a ball, daily. Who needs the outdoors, right? Unsafe to park your car as most cars are dinged or have noticeable damage. Disrespectful neighbors leave trash in the halls and on the grass outside and in the parking lot. "Security" is just a major FAIL! They don't see anything. (Makes me wonder if security hides in a corner, and sleeps through their shifts, but yet they are not afraid to enforce "towing" cars. HEY! What if grandma decides to visit, but they tow her car, as it does not "fit" in with the rest. Poor grandma, FAIL for security. Professionalism is dead.) Pretty sure gang members live there, as noticeably common colors observed are red, black and blue. Apartment buildings in Colorado Springs (where weird events happen just as often), are $200-$300/Month, but you at least pay for your own energy/water usage. Here, you pay not only for your utility usage, but you pay for how much others use their utilities, and how many people live there. Also, contrary to signing a lease, the majority of those living in this apartment complex house more people than the fire code would legally allow. So, if the apartment catches on fire (since cigarette smoking is the #1 cause of residential fires and half the tenants smoke), good luck getting out with you and 90 others. When we went to check out the model apartment we found that there was (and the staff admitted it openly) a pigeon living on the deck. They made no gesture to hide this fact and even sounded like they were proud of it. While previewing the room, the office worker was pressuring my boyfriend to get the apartment that same day. Obviously, smart enough not to make such a rash decision, we held off, only for the office worker to say "You'll be back. Everyone comes back eventually." Seriously? To this dump? I guess positive thinking goes a long way. The decks are sketch. They might fall out of the sky at any moment since they have no support under them at all. The paint chips off and our pet brings it inside to play with. The neighbors have dropped utensils, melted crayons, dolls clothing and many other things onto our porch. You can hardly sit out on your deck furniture without thoroughly cleaning it first or having debris dumped on you. Contrary to contract agreements our neighbors leave out gaudy objects, furniture, drying clothes and other things that are disagreeable to the eyes on their decks. GOOD NEWS! You get a refrigerator with the apartment. BAD NEWS! You may as well buy yourself a refrigerator because the one the apartment comes with freezes our food. Say goodbye to all dairy products, vegetables, drinks of any kind, or anything that expands when it freezes. Maintenance. Called him to fix the fridge. He came to look at the fridge, said "i'll be back in a few minutes", we waited for 45 minutes, and went out to dinner. He never showed up again. From a few minutes to 45 minutes...what exactly was this maintenance man doing? Apparently incompetence runs rampant throughout this apartment complex. if I were you, I would just hire your own maintenance man. That way, you have a company name and a business card to go off of. It is practically december, and where is the maintenance man to come and turn on the furnace. Well, like all the other times, he is...nowhere to be seen. So, in order to stay warm, we have to turn on the stove to heat up the room (------ much). This is how one of the previous residences I lived in burned down. I have seen neighbors try to break into their own apartment. Well, we all have forgotten our house key, once before, but breaking into your own apartment may not look like what it is to outsiders, needless to say, SKETCH! Plus, the lady doing it looked hopped up on some kind of drug(s). At least two people who roam around the grounds are seen picking up cigarette butts and going through dumpsters. (EW!) Our cabinet doors in the kitchen will not shut, so our pet gets inside, which is where we store the roach poisoning (because it is the only place we thought he could not reach.) DONT LIVE HERE! This will be the longest year of your life...
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Aurora Meadows Apartments

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