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Aurora Meadows Apartments



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS APARTMENT COMPLEX!!! If you value your sanity, if you cherish serenity, if you enjoy sleep, if you feel that breathing air that doesn't smell like roasted diapers filled with steamy and rancid feces, then DO NOT MOVE TO AURORA MEADOWS! If you do like the smell of caustic, putrid, foul smelling armpit spew, then by all means please move here. If you like screaming and obnoxious out-of-control kids with no parents to guide them, well then by all means please move in. If you enjoy loud unrelenting bass slamming through your floor at 3:00am, then I highly recommend the Aurora Meadows Apartment hell hole. If you need solicitors pounding on your door 4 to 5 times a day when you are trying to study for a midterm or a final, then you should beg to move to the Aurora Meadows immediately! If you enjoy ungodly noise at all hours of the day, then I highly recommend the Aurora Meadows if you like high crime, perpetual police presence, sirens, domestic violence, obnoxious neighbors who love to smoke weed all day, then move in NOW. If you can't stand sleep then move on in. WOW! If I were you, I would beg to move to this ---- hole as soon as possible. Do you like to do laundry in washers and dryers with gum and unidentifiable slime smeared on every visible surface (if you can find one that works)? AM I GETTING THROUG YET? If you are one of the super stupid and socially &%^$'ed up people in the world then you will fit right in! My prediction: within 2 days of moving into this ------ hell hole, you will actually contemplate suicide or break out into a level ten nervous break down. Yes, I know, this sounds a little like I'm exaggerating doesn't it? Well you'd be *&^%$ing wrong. I am only trying to save the lives and sanity of my fellow citizens. If you value your quality of life, and you truly want to feel safe and fulfilled in your living situation, THEN DO NOT $%^&ing MOVE TO THE AURORA MEADOWS. You will feel like a stupid idiot if you do not take my advice. You will never forgive yourself if you move into this socially bankrupt ---- hole. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE TO THE AURORA MEADOWS. I AM NOT KIDDING. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING, I AM SAVING YOU FROM EASILY THE WORST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE. LOOK ELSEWHERE PLEASE!!!!!
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Aurora Meadows Apartments

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