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Aurora Meadows Apartments



Resident · 2017 - 2018
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Overall rundown environment. Hallways and carpets are old walls that desperately need to be repaired and painted and the carpet is torn, old and dirty. The grounds are inhabited by the homeless that live under the bridge at 6th and Dillon Way. They use the grounds as their hangout and the unlocked laundry rooms to spend the night in, drink, smoke and urinate. If you go down late at night to do your laundry don't be surprised to find yourself alone in an empty basement hallway with a homeless man. The dumpsters are always overflowing with trash, flies and old furniture. The residents treat the grounds as their personal trash can, discarding alcohol bottles, cups, and all kinds of litter. The children's playground features and slide that has been vandalized and has chunks out of the plastic large enough to fit an adults leg and they refuse to replace/repair it or at least take it down so little kids don't get hurt. In addition there's glass and all sorts of trash deposited there. If you call and leave a message with the answering service (the staff rarely answers their phones so this is most of the time) they either don't get the message, or they don't choose to respond. Our air conditioning was out this July. After several visits by maintenance, my husband finally figured out how to fix but they were not aware that it was fixed. They showed up a month later, wanting to fix it. Can you believe after a whole month of over 90 degree weather they thought we were without air conditioning and then decided to fix it? The residents with teenagers just want them out of the apartment so they allow them to hang out in the hallways, bouncing basketballs and running in and out. When management is told they do nothing. After we moved in they decided to charge for parking, $8 per car per month. The maintenance men knock once and then come in if you don't answer immediately. If you are in the bathroom or sleeping you come out or wake up to find them in your living room. And last, be prepared to be making breakfast and see a roach crawl over your toaster on your kitchen counter even if you keep your place immaculate. So very happy to have moved to a safe, well taken care of apartment community and out of there!
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Aurora Meadows Apartments

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