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Cambray Park Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2009
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Office Staff
Move over Guant namo Bay, the federal government has a new potential place for its official torture chamber! This is the worst place I have ever lived, and I have lived in developing countries for several years (even housing in Romania is better, really). My apartment has experienced repeated problems starting with the first month I moved in and the management has been extremely slow to respond (the appropriate word would be glacial). My pipes burst soon after moving in during the summer and soaked the carpet, causing the place to smell faintly of raw sewage for days. The pipes were fixed soon but it took them MONTHS to completely replace the carpet (I had to walk around on bare concrete). Just last night, the pipes broke yet again (which is what prompted me to write this review) and I lost all power in the apartment. There is nothing like coming home late at night to a completely dark apartment and then walking blindly into a bathroom with its floor covered in water to take a pee. I called the supposed after hours emergency service but no one picked up, not even the "answering service." The carpet has been destroyed once more. My apartment was infested during the summer and fall months with large spiders (the size of quarters) and assorted other pests. The management told me that they would call an exterminator but this has yet to happen. Now that it is winter, the spiders the size of armadillos are mostly gone but I'm sure that they will be back come spring! The machines in the washer-dryer unit are perpetually broken and will eat your quarters. I have to go through the song and dance of getting a refund from the laundry company almost every week due to the poor shape of these units. Someone recently decided it was a good idea to tip over the soda machine in the laundry room and it had to be shut down over the weekend. Residents must pay an additional fee for a dedicated parking space and the only non-paid parking spaces are so close together than it is nearly impossible to park and then open the car door. I have had to park 15 minutes away from my apartment at night on a number of occasions and then walk back as no free parking was available. The majority of the residents are immigrants from poor countries who seem used to these kind awful living conditions, but nearly every American resident appears to be a violent felon/convicted sex offender/substance abuser (mix and match these descriptions at your discretion). As another reviewer pointed out, run don t walk from this place.
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Cambray Park Apartments

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