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Cambray Park Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Office Staff
I moved to Cambray park expecting high quality of maintenance and staff but I was so wrong with in months the place I love at first become a nightmare with in days from the rent being sky high (not worth the size of unit) from bugs from spiders roaches and even mice! Yes mice ! We try to moved in our year but couldn't find a house to rent to we renew our contract (biggest mistake we have ever done) months past by and always did out on maintenance cuz if we told the office they will forget about us so we learn not to even bother so we have done it by our self well my husband and we even bomb our place ones a month for the roaches but when it got out of control I did contact them and for the first time they send it rite away but it was simply a joke cuz the spraying he did , didn't do nothing my bombs I got did more ...after more months our apt got flooded with water from next door (was the laundry room) n we reported to the office rite away and it took a men to come our home 3-4hours to get their but me n my husband got to work rite away we got our carpet cleaner n his vacuum from work he had tht day if it wasn't for us tht place would of gone worst and the following say it happen again but this time no one showed up and we where left with solky carpet that our carpet cleaner or my husband vacuum wouldn't be able to take the water out! So I waiting for someone to come but never did it happen until it got to the point that our children room smell just like mold and I did talk to the office to see what was going on and they send someone and I also request new carpet but was denied so days past by and the apt still smell like mold and want to the office again request us to be moved or new carpet but denied again so want to the point I had a contact a lawyer and where going to sue n take them to court but they change the carpet with in days so we would'nt sue them and we didn't but did told them in my latter any more neglection on their behalf I was going to continue and I'm cuz when we moved they told me to make a walk thorw the following day of our moved out n when I call they where to busy to call back on Tuesday so I did and when I call jose told me that they did the walk throw with out me and even charging me for the roaches that where already residence there before us(165.00) but didn't they did something about when we live their of course why would they if I can pay it and not even that two doors that wasn't even broken where broken! This is why I wanted to make a walk throw the next day cuz you dont knw what they can charge u with or do! If anyone moved please replace the light bulbs cuz they can charge u 15.00 for 5missing one that u can get at any store for 2.50 for a pack of 6! . Anyone is welcome to join me with this law sued but am still talking to my lawyer. [email protected]
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Cambray Park Apartments

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