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Copper Flats at Fitzsimons

13711 E Richthofen Circle

Aurora, CO 80011



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
I am nearing the end of my first 15 month and last lease here . It has been a nightmare . The gates never work and you can't get in or out , and elderly woman and myself at 4.5 months pregnant had to crawl under the gate one morning to get in . They try to say that we donot understand the gate systems but that's not true they are just broken constantly . Out of the 15 months I've lived here it has been broken the majority of it . It's right next to Colfax so there are a lot of sketchy people walking around . My air never worked during the summer and tried to tell me to leave it set to 74 so that it wouldnot freeze . Uhm excuse me? ? I was pregnant all summer and I'm pretty sure that my rent is high enough for me to be able to set my thermostat to what is comfortable for me but I was unable to because they didn't actually want to fix it. They tried to -------- me and say it's not the actual unit it's the altitude. Well they didn't know that my dad has owned his own ac business for 10+ years and he told me that's complete -------- they just don't want to spend the money to have it recharged . And now that it's December my heat hasn't worked for a week . I have a 3 month old now and when I called to report it no answer . So I called the maintenance man's personal number and he got upset and told me to call the office again . Uhm really ?? Why not just come fix the damn thing? So again no answer when I call and i was asked to leave a message . Wow . and not only that but in my lease agreement i am paying for at least 1 parking spot . But my neighbors have 5 cars and i often have to park across the street from the property or they will tow my vehicle but they say nothing to those abusing the parking spaces . I shouldn't have to leave the property to find a parking spot . Every time my downstairs neighbors fire up a cigarette my entire apartment fills with stanky smelling cigarettes. The doors have spring hinges so they are always slamming . Oh and good luck finding where to put your out going mail because there is no where to put it at all anywhere near the mailboxes . So if you have any outgoing mail you have to go to the office. How convenient right ? And the dog run is NOT secure my dog Lillie she's a maltipoo , fits right through the bars of the gate and the side that is not secure is the side closest to the road . And if you have a small dog like me and they do slip through there is no fast way to to get to them . You have to run all the way to the other end of the complex to get to the gate so you can get to the other side to retrieve your dog and hopefully they haven't been hit by a car by the time you get to them . Needless to say I cannot wait to be out of this place . Shout out to my new apartment over at Allister . I would give them 5 stars over there . Copper would get 0 STARS if I could .
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Copper Flats at Fitzsimons Manager


Thank you for your recent review Holly. We do appreciate your feedback, input and your point of view. Regards, Copper Flats 303.731.6560.

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Copper Flats at Fitzsimons

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