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Fitzsimons Junction



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
There was not help or communication for the management. The apartment was fine. Very big for a two bedroom and the rent was affordable 625, but management ugh. We moved in then 3 months later i got a bill on my door just a typed up letter from management that i owed for a gas bill. I never heard anything about a gas bill before this point. looked at my lease and nothing about a gas bill. Asked for a copy of the gas bill and never got a response. I guess the water heater was the only thing with gas and we shared a water heater with 5 other units. Hell why should i pay for gas when i got maybe 2 hot showers the whole time i lived there. Also had a small kitchen fire that was my fault. I told management right a way and of course agreed to pay for all repairs. six months later nothing had been done. There is plenty of parking lots of empty spaces, but only tenants could park there so my 80 year old grandmother had to park on the street and walk all the way across the property to get to my unit. They have a pool but in the year i as there it was open 3 times because they were too lazy to clean it. The manager was never there her assistance would tell you one thing and then you would get in trouble. Also manager's son was the maintenance so her never did anything but smoke pot in the empty units and nothing would happen, because his mommy would never fire him. Very Poorly run
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Fitzsimons Junction

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