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Highline Lofts Apartments

456 S Ironton St

Aurora, CO 80012



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
I've read a few of the reviews - and I an very thankful that I am out of that dump. there were roaches- a plenty and paper thin walls-- minute head board bangin seesions. LOL My probelem seem to be the unruly and unsupervised kids. I even had one gang bangin little thug- want to call me out-- and I come to find out- he didn't even stay at the conplex. To the contrary- I thought franscheca- was very decent- but yes- the place soon took on a very ruff element- and then- they transfered her. I can believe someone would burn down that office--- I lived there on two occassions and there was a manager- Bud -- that cheated the teneants on getting their depositgs back- and was use that money to go uo the hill and gamble. I thought 550 was a bit steep for that dump-- before I left I heard that there were sone paying 400. great central location--- but the roachees- nauseating smells from the foreign neighbors- unruly kids... I'd recommend spend a bit more- or if u just have to live here--- when it comes time to move- fight en in courtif you get an eviction notice- I'd get fed up paying these people too. there is NO peaceful enjoyment here ! Oh- by thwe way--- one tenet had large blue pit bull dogs--- scary.
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Highline Lofts Apartments

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