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Highline Lofts Apartments

456 S Ironton St

Aurora, CO 80012



Resident · 2009 - 2013
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They literally need a wrecking ball to get rid of this pit. The owner showed up and he was cold hearted after the most recent flood and many are being kicked out because of the flood. The roof could not handle the rain because the roof was not up to standards. Everyone was flooded out and then kicked out at their own expense. They expect renters to use their renters insurance to cover extra costs such as hotels, food, etc. Yes, if something is wrong with your apartment and it is the complexes fault they still expect you to use your renters insurance. This complex requires renters insurance and The State of Colorado does not require a renter to have renters insurance. Ceilings and walls fell in from the rains, mold growing in apartments. Do you really want to reside here? I would think not. A tenant told me that since he has lived here which has been 4-years that it has never felt like home and I agree. Anyway, the owner only has dollar signs in his eyes. He could not even meet and greet the renters when he was here after the floods. He could have introduced himself and informed everyone what his plan of action was after this major flood we had on 8/8/13. No, he just turned and walked away not saying a word to anyone. He could have least held a town meeting with the renters informing them of what is going to transpire after this flood disaster. Then renters continuously hear conflicting stories in regards to their damaged apartments and being homeless. The owners demeanor was as if he was God and he is better than everyone else. Many were not impressed. He was highly unprofessional and full of ice. No, the Skyline staff and so-called company called AMC do not care about their renters. I had to chuckle as after the flood they were talking tenants into renting at their other complex. I true sales pitch it was. They honestly want renters to be reeled into a new lease at one of their other complexes. Renters were tired and vulnerable after the floods, but they had to hear the good old sales pitch about going to another one of their complexes. Shows how they set their priorities when there is a disaster as they could care less how renters are mentally and physically feeling from the stress of the flood. Someone said that the company (AMC) is not really the actual company. I believe it. I would not put anything past this so- called company that owns these complexes. AMC is only a front (made up company) so that the owners are not contacted by renters to voice their complaints. That shows the owners do not care about their renters to have a cover up company. Yes, it is a business, but it's renters who make the business. Sick people running these so-called AMC complexes. This so-called company keeps buying more and more complexes, but will not improve the ones they already have. It's a monopoly for them. That shows also they are just out for the buck. There is nothing for the children to do on this property. They have no play ground equipment or any type of recreational activities for the kids. So the kids become bored and begin destroying renters personal property. Of course, there are some parents who could care less about what their kids do and allow them to get into trouble. I keep saying these parents need to find a hobby for their kids, but no the parents don t care. They just let the kids over run the complex. Some of the kids do not know what the word, Respect means. Many renters are so glad school is starting where the kids will not be on the property at all hours of the day or night. This company must really think renters are stupid. The manager hangs notices on renter s doors for everyone to read. One renter was a few cents short on his rent (2 cents) literally and they wanted to charge him $5.00 per day until he paid these few pennies. It has been said the complex has an extra $10,000 in their budget due to handing out late fee notices and eviction notices. Yes, they will hand out any notice under the sun to make money and the manager is the major perpetrator of the notices. She only wants to impress her bosses and has no respect or regard for the renters. I think people need to start writing congressionals about this so-called (fictitious) company seriously. Congressionals are very good about answering in situations such as Skyline and this so-called false company. My advice is never rent from a complex that has AMC in its name. AMC does not comprehend that word of mouth spreads and people will not want to rent from them. Some young people sharing one of the apartments are moving out and only have been here one month. They cannot tolerate the living conditions, the kids, and many do not blame them. Renters are fed up and some are leaving not just because of the flood, but they are fed up with the company, the complex, the complex manager, and all the other things going on in this complex. Do not be fooled in regards to their other complexes. They may appear nice, but there are things hidden with their other properties also. I would not trust them. You will be looking to get screwed if you rent from AMC. AMC lost their integrity with many people long ago and now it has become progressively worse. They have no one to blame but themselves. Oh, I need to add that each time a renter renews their lease they increase the rent each renewal. They set low rent prices to lure prospective renters and AMC is compensated for the low rent of new tenants by increasing rent on current renters when they renew their lease and increase the rent. They increase it anywhere from $20.00 to $50.00 per month. The utilities are also high. Do not allow them to play you as the fool. I would not believe anything they tell you. As I said, they lost their credibility with numerous past and current renters. If you want to know about this complex then walk around the complex and talk to renters. You will then find the truth. Some may not give the truth though as they are afraid of the consequences of giving you the truth. Isn t that a red flag? Yes, it is. The majority of renters will be up front with you though.
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Highline Lofts Apartments

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