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Highline Lofts Apartments

456 S Ironton St

Aurora, CO 80012



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
After seeing that others in the complex have left reviews, and having read them and been able to relate with all that they were saying, I thought it was time to write my own to add to the list. I absolutely love writing positive reviews on businesses that are doing an awesome job at customer service and taking care of their clients so that others will know. Unfortunately, I cannot, in good conscience, write that kind of review about Skyline View Apartment complex where I have been living. I want to spare anyone else, who is looking for an honest review, of all the trouble I have had to endure in my short time here, and the way management treats the residents once they sign a lease. To put it plainly, I know that almost nothing works flawlessly consistently, but when things go wrong, how a business responds to the problem is what makes that business good or bad. While living here my apartment has experienced these problems: 1. Flooding coming in from the ceiling with no compensation on rent. 2. Bed bugs, spiders, and roaches. 3. The water for all the apartments is on one water line, therefore consistently shut off with no notice. 4. Maintenance problems may or may not be fixed correctly and you will have parts from 5 different appliances that don t fit correctly to make it work. 5. Smoke smells in my apartment. 6. The heat is also on one main line, like the water, so even though I did not turn the heat on but twice all winter long, I have to pay a significant heating bill in the apartment s utilities. 7. The cost of trash has gone up 3 times in a four month time period, with no notice, since I moved in here. Now, like I said, I understand that things go wrong no matter where you live so there is space and grace for those types of things. However, the greatest reason I gave this business earn a mere one star (I would have given it a 0 if that would have been allowed) is how they treat their residents. It is common practice for either the management to give problems no sympathy at all, or give sympathy to our face and then find out later that what was spoken in the exchange, with the manager, is not honored. I feel that in overhearing conversations between management and other residents and experiencing at least twice when management tried to pin residents against each other, (luckily we talk and were able to work it out ourselves and realize that we both had been lied to and the problem was not between us at all) that the manager takes advantage of people monetarily by, again, saying one thing to their face and then doing the complete opposite in reality (most of us would call that a lie). There is not genuine care for the people who live here, from the top all the way down, but only of their monetary bottom line. There is a little sign above the entryway that says, We Love Our Residents . What I have found to be more accurate from my time living here is, We Love Our Resident s Money .
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Highline Lofts Apartments

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