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Kennedy Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
KRSucks123 • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/21/2005
My boyfriend and I moved to Kennedy Ridge 11 months ago because we thought that it looked semi-decent. We were hugely mistaken. It is a horrible apartment complex. I read everyone elses review and they were right on the dot (except for the one about it being a great place to live. Good one management)The management is horrible. They are very unpersonable and everytime I go in there, they have an attitude. EVERYONE OF THEM!!! They are very slow when it comes to fixing anything. Our sink was leaking so they came to fix it and instead ended up flooding the apartment and broke the sink leaving us with no kitchen sink for 4 days!!!! The maintenance man told us just to do our dishes in the bathtub. Also, they do let anyone live there. I am not prejudice at all but it's true about everynight being Saturday night in Tijuana. Another thing, a man tried to sell me crack a couple months ago. My best friend also lives there and was sexually harrassed in the parking lot. I understand that everyplace has crime but come on. The only good thing about this place is their prices. The first thing they need to do is fire those ------ ladies in the office. I could keep on going but it would never end. Just do yourself a favor and don't move in there.
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Kennedy Ridge Apartments

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