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Kennedy Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2007
I am a 20 year old girl who had no choice but to move all but instantly.. When I came across Kennedy Ridge, I thought "WOW! This should be just fine. I can handle a little bit of a run down." Wow, was I mistaken. <br><br>I moved in in January of 05 and the first month was great. I worked alot so iI never really got to see much. Towards the end of the third month I livd there, a prostitute/ crackhead/ dealer moved in directly across from me. She was constantly partying, raising hell and causing fights. This girl and I had a disagreement because I ased her to remove herself from my back porch (as she had come over to request a cigarette from my boyfriend) and she flipped. This girl got me jumped and robbed and instead of Kennedy Ridge ridding the complex of this girl, I WAS EVICTED for causing a disturbance and making the area look bad.<br><br>This is just a taste of the things that can happen if you live here. You home WILL get broken into. (do you know how easy it is to climb the rails to get into a 2nd or 3rd floor apt? I've witnessed it. Please, do not subject yourself to this hell hole.<br><br>Kennedy Ridge is one of the worst places to live in Denver. It is over run and basically RAN by the drug dealers, prostitutes, and criminals. The management is disgusting, doesn't seem to want to stop these things and would sooner laugh you out of their office before being friendly or helpful.<br><br>Good luck on your hunt and DONT STOP HERE!!
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Kennedy Ridge Apartments

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