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15196 East Louisiana Drive

Aurora, CO 80012



Resident · 2005 - 2012
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Oh where to begin?Lets start with how trashy the entire complex is,the inside of the apartments are disgusting and an embarrassment,the grounds are either filled with trash or dead trees,bushes and grass,the pool is beyond filth,the parking lot is a wreck.Now lets talk about the ways you are inconvenienced,do not expect to have anything fixed if you need it to be,the best the incompetent maintenence workers can do is make whatever is broken work for a day or two at best,the apartment owners or managers will not replace anything.The laundry rooms are a disgrace,have the time they do not work or the washers will fill up with water and shut down,but of course this only happens when they actually have the laundry room doors unlocked which is rare due to the fact that the knollwood apartments staff are lazy.Now lets discuss the noise,IT IS NEVER QUITE!from unruly kids who destroy things to the loud music that the quests play in from their cars in the crappy parking lot,to the random gunfire that has been known to erupt in the parking lot (feel free to google that last fact,look under aurora colorado apartment shootings and you will see knollwood on that list.Look I don't expect perfection but I do expect if I pay what theses slumlords ask then they should provide some sort of convenience.If you are looking for an apartment then you should look elsewhere,knollwood apartments are the definition of sleazy.
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