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Resident · 2009 - 2011
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Office Staff
I have lived here for around two years and I have to say, it's time to move out. When I first took a look around this place, I decided it would be an alright place to live at, but in the long run it was somewhat irritable. Yes, the landscape is pretty, it looks pretty dull in the winter, but don't just let the landscape bring you in, because it's obviously not enough. The neighbors are somewhat noisy and rowdy, throughout the first 6 months of living here, I had to make calls to the office and complain about the noise in the night (it started around 10pm-3am, almost every night). The office had me obtain a security number to call so security could come by and tell them to turn the volume down, but it wasn't enough, they kept playing their music for weeks, until one day....ONE DAY, it finally stopped. The way a town home is built, is almost very inadequate, there are many errors, holes, etc. that need to be properly fixed and brought to attention to. Maintenance is a problem, people. If you call for an issue to be fixed, don't expect them to answer your call of help quickly, in fact sometimes don't expect them to help you at all. They will send the maintenance man whenever they want and sometimes they forget for days, weeks, and even months unless you keep calling and calling and calling. Leaving a message doesn't work either. I left a message about a problem that needed to be fixed a long time ago and guess what? There is still a nice little hole in the kitchen under the cabinets :) A mouse made it out of that hole and actually died on our kitchen floor, ever since we have been trying to put something in the way so it doesn't happen again and believe me, we've given up on trying. Sometimes electricity is lost, sometimes water is, sometimes the windows aren't properly placed and a cold draft comes through and it fattens up your heating bill. Don't get me started about summer, when summer comes, it's probably the worst season of the year. First of all, there isn't a nice swimming pool to cool off at, a tennis court or basketball court to kill some time at, only a measly, small, sad excuse for a playground. Now, if you have kids, I suppose you could let them hang around in the playground, but watch them, because in the summer, that's when the bullies come out. Rude, distasteful, teens who will migrate from other apartments and claim the playground for their own. They vandalize and destroy the park, they will even force and push any child off the swings and yell cruel and disgusting things at them, no matter what. They will harass anyone who comes near them that tries to set things right. trust me, I would know, in fact i got into an argument with a whole group of them, because they harassed my children away from the park, they won't care if you are an adult, they'll talk back and won't leave unless you call security of course. In the summer, this place isn't safe, especially in the night; you have groups of older teens that gather around near the park to smoke weed and do drugs, you have people who fight....Don't be fooled by their promises of an air conditioned place, because all you got is this air conditioner box that is "supposed to cool up your entire apartment..." It's a lie. The cooler will only cool up whatever room it's in and that's it, don't expect your apartment to be all fresh and cool...safe from summer's waves of heat, chances are, you'll be sweating and feeling like you live in the middle of a desert. You can go to the office and complain, but all they will say is to keep all the doors open and it will cool up eventually. Again, lies. Rent, is probably the worst, maybe not for all others, but for a few people like me, it's the worst part of living here. The rent is due on the first days of the month, my husband does not get paid till the fifth of each month, so he is not able to make the payment on time. On the wall of the laundry room behind the office, there is a piece of paper on the wall that says, "IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO MAKE YOUR PAYMENT ON TIME, BECAUSE OF AN ISSUE, COME TALK WITH THE LAND LORD SO THAT WE CAN FIGURE SOMETHING OUT." Lies! Lies! Lies! I cannot stress this enough, my husband went in to talk about that late fee charge and tried to work something out but their only response was, "Sorry, we can't do that, because then everyone else will want to do that too." So we have been paying that late fee every month, because in the end, we couldn't work anything out. So please ignore that paper, because it's not true, but it does give you that feeling of kindness and friendly-ness doesn't it? Don't fall for it. The land lord will come to your door and with a smile place the 'late rent' paper on your door and knock rap upon it. Yup, they are very punctual about your rent or new charges made to your bill, but not very punctual for customer service, this place is just flourishing with hypocrisy. You usually have the land lord roaming around in the day and sometimes into the night, going into your balconies, checking for who knows what. There is no warning, she just goes in there as if snooping for something, I have heard that is illegal for someone to do that without consent. In my years of living here, never has the carpet been washed, nope you go out there, rent the equipment to do so and do it yourself, because they won't do it. Overall, this place isn't somewhere you would like to move to if you're used to great tenant/customer service, because this place runs very poorly on it. Only move here, if no one else seems to accept you at any other place or if well, nothing else seems to be open. Everyone here fixes their own problems and everyone here has adapted to the kind of crud that goes around here...this isn't exactly a family-friendly place. I hope this helps anyone who wants to know a bit more about this place, I hope this breaks any illusion placed by the people who run Laredo House apartments, those who put together words up on websites to make it seem like this is a great place, this is it's reality. If you want to give it a go, go ahead, but I wouldn't recommend it.
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