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Laredo House Apartments



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
The day that I signed the lease on this roach infested property, the landlady, Judy, killed a bug in my bathroom. Little did I know that it was a roach, and just the beginning. In the 6 months that I lived there, they sprayed approx 6 times for roaches and each time I had to completely clear out my kitchen and bathrooms. This would have helped had it not been for the filthy neighbors with whom I shared a kitchen wall. they were always sprayed at the same time I was, but never ever cleaned out their kitchen. I walked past their kitchen door everyday and you could see the filth pouring out of their garbage can onto the floor, boxes and boxes of who knows what stored in there. It finally got so bad that I could not even cook for my 3 kids in my kitchen. I GLADLY took the eviction once I found another place. I would not continue to subject my kids to such a place. All Judy ever did was apologize to me. That didnt do squat for the situation I was living in. She lives on the property too, in a 4 bedroom townhome, all to herself. No wonder there wasnt a 4 bedroom available. She is incredibly nosey, will come out in the middle of the day looking at people if they are outside talking. But to get her to act upon anything else would take a miracle. She once came to my apartment as I was moving the stove out to clean up the dead roaches underneath. I told her how many there were, and she said, well you shouldnt have moved the stove, all you did was disturb them, so now they will really be all over the place. LOL think she knew there was always a roach problem there? There was also a rape in the community, right after I moved out of there.
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Laredo House Apartments

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