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Laredo House Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
This place is absolutely one of the most worst disgusting inhabitants places to live in. Everything is completely broken down and nothing works. I have lived in complete ------ before, by that I mean 1 bathroom and a broken down room where the windows are cracked or the living room has a door of aluminium. I have to say that place was better compared to Laredo House Apartments, they don't tell you what to expect. In fact they don't even carebwho youbare because these apartements are the worst ever. People are constantly moving in and out. That's how bad it is, its so bad that when the upstairs toilet leaks it leak allover your living room and the water IS NOT CLEAN. It takes forced for the maintenance people to come and fix things, and when they do it doesn't matter because everything else is so broken down that the whole apartement would have to be broken down and rebuilt to fix it. The carpet is the ugliest carpet I have ever laid my eyes on the people here down come and renew it here. Its been here for more than 10 years imagine how gross that looks. This IS NOT a hood place to have kids. Everything here is a danger, DO NOT be convinced of how it looks when you first look at the apartement everything will go down by the 1st month. Nothing here works not even the kitchen everything leaks and THEY WILL make you do things like throw away your barbeque grill and certain things in patio. In fact without my permission they snapped my wire cable and even threw away my satellite because theyvsaid we weren't supposed to have it in the back. These apartements try so hard to look good but they can't every month men come in these apartements to check around your house and see if its clean. And almost everyday of the week the people of. LAREDO literally leave a paper on your door telling you to throw things away or that more strangers are going to come in your house. As for the maintenance people if you don't open the door they knock super hard, if you still don't open they will open your door. I don't know about you but there is a new maintenance guy everyweek how is this safe for kids? A rape also happend around around here from these apartements. Last the price isn't at all worth it, they will raise the price. This place is gross, unsanitary. And very unprofessional.
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Laredo House Apartments

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