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15403 East 1st Avenue

Aurora, CO 80011



Resident · 2008 - 2010
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Office Staff
As I have lived here for almost 2 years, things were great but when we lost our management and maintenance crew, things have gone down. The apartment models that they have for show is gorgeous but the original is not all it is what you think. I have appliances that are old that don't work half the time and when I requested new knobs for my stove so that I could read them, they replaced them with no better or should I say 2 out of 6 I can now read a little better. The cleaning before coming into rent was half --- due to it was not checked throughly and finding out that people need to check appliances more thoroughly like the oven cause they cleaned all around that people would notice but the top inside of the oven had never been cleaned and it is terribly where I have scrubbed so many times and still have not gotten it all clean. Gonna have to get heavy duty oven cleaner to get this baby clean. The patio's/balconies would be okay but when you are on the way bottom, you get every body elses crap on your patio and always having to clean everyday and sometimes twice a day. I think they should make 2nd & 3rd floors solid so the lower people don't have to deal with all the crap. Originally when I moved in, bugs were and still are a problem along with wild raccoons attacking the people but my biggest beef is, the good people have moved out due to many problems here and now getting real noisy, inconsiderate young ones moving in that don't care about their neighbors or properties. The parking lot is a real problem when it comes to not finding a parking spot close for a paid renter such as I because of so many friends come in with a lot of cars and they don't even paid rent here. I think the parking spaces should be marked up close to the buildings for the renters and then the other for the visitors. Then the most recent beef I really have with this place is...every month the rent goes up for some unknown reason and without 30 days notice. Here I am on a strict money budget for a elderly and when the rent payment goes up every month, that hurts me terribly. The office is now finally opened every day like they are suppose to be where they weren't ever in but the complaints and problems still does not get taken care of like it should and the reason is because the maintenance crew don't know what the heck they are doing. Have noticed a few new and better ones here but too afraid to tell them about the old problems cause I don't feel they will be taking care of it correctly. I am seriously thinking about looking for another place when my lease is about up if things don't start improving soon.
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Silverbrook Manager


I am sorry to hear of this experience, we never want our residents to be unhappy here. I appreciate the given suggestions for our community improvement; parking spaces, cleaning quality and patios. I hope we can earn back confidence in our community and team.

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