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15403 East 1st Avenue

Aurora, CO 80011



Resident · 2017
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Office Staff
I went to see one of there apartments with the loft i liked it so i applied on the internet. Took my hole 440 dollars never called when move date came up I had to call them in stop in the office in the office manager told me she was having problems printing off my lease. So i still sat as if it was my move in date as she kept complaining then I notice the maintain guy came in talking about the place was ready meaning they never they never had it ready. So then she went on to print the lease gave it to me September 19th which was my move in date in notice that they had lower the rent from 1421 to 1352 I asked why she said oh I don't know he put it in as tgat so i went with it she said so we were like ok so me in my family of 4 went to are new apartment expecting to be happy to look around in find roaches all in the Windows cabinets in just everywhere we found cabinets damaged looked like bed bugs where eating at the wood they said we had new paint to find no new paint they said we had new carpet to find it was used carpet we took a microwave in blankets up for the night we played down about 930pm I keep itching in moving my boyfriend said are u ok i said I can't sleep finely we turned lights to find bedbugs all over are ---- in blankets we threw everything away that night. Slept in are car remind you I have two kids so i took my boyfriend to work at 6am my kids to school at 730am we had to sleep in car witb no where to go sad in cold money gone went to office as soon as they opened I tryed telling them they knew it because I sat outside in the car asking people did they have bedbugs or roaches they said yes in they knew that apartments had it cause people move in an out of that apartment these are people that stay there told me this in told me that maintenance is a fat --- lazy bastard that don't treat ---- in they take your money they tell you the only way to contact them is to email them so when you though or emolail they never answer you. So yes I went in at 10am the next morning to cry in te them me in my family don't deserve this as they sad in smiled in my face in called the pets control to spray he told them couldn't cone for three days so they said ok told me to be ready when they come in how to put my all my stuff up in all this in that I'm like what the ---- hell no I goda go release my lease now she said no there coming to spray I said yes you are i have kids in you knew it so they told me I could wash all my clothes in then they will release my lease. Having gave me my money back had to go to a hotel paying 22oo a month till we save up to move again but they don't feel they owe me ---- well I plan on doing alot of things i have pictures of how I found the place in left the place I have video I have residents that live over there that said I can't go back in video tape how they feel in what they did in what they know that did if any of you have a problem contact me. Let's get they --- in trouble. Because that's against the law lets fight for are rights these need to be shut down as soon as possible manage in maintenance in the office people need to be fired they need to lose their job and not be able to find another job if y'all are with me on this please contact me I have some people you can contact because I am proceeding the actions with this and thank you if any of you want to see any pictures or anything I will let you see it too Fox 31 is going to be on this Colorado Health Department's going to be on this and my lawyer I'm not gonn a post all photos but some. I will send anybody. Some
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