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Sommerset Gardens



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
When we moved in, we were told we were not allowed to see the apartment before we signed the lease. This is our first apartment and we didn't know any better. We find out that was already a lease default on their part. But as time went on, every time I put a work order in things didn't get fixed proper or not at all. We had to get a copy of our lease, which they never gave us before. And we find out we are in a 14 month lease...WTF?? We were told it was for 12 months...lease default again. We have spent roughly up to a thousand dollars to heat this place over the winter due to there lack of window and door maintenance. They have done nothing to improve the problem, even though I have put in a written order. We are only months away from leaving and not looking back, if they and try and charge us for painting and cleaning the carpet, I already to told them I would take them to court since the carpet was a was not cleaned properly when we moved in, and they painted over someone's shaving gel that was on the wall. With the drains being clogged with someone's hair, to the sinks leaking. We felt as if we were living in someones left over filth. They won't find themselves liable if your apartment in broken into or your windows broken by the children throwing rocks. The people up stairs run around stomping, there is trash all over the complex, and we have seen someone trying to break into someone's car, and not to mention the countless of drug dealers, and prostitutes that work out of there apartment. It gives work at home a whole new meaning! I don't dare walk out side alone at night, even during the day you have to watch your back. Last summer the pool was closed several times due to parents not teaching their children to behave, and not ---- in the pool. What ever you do, do not move in here!!! 5 months to go and we are out.
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Sommerset Gardens

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