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Sommerset Gardens



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
Let me start out saying November is not coming fast enough!!!! I must next say that since living here, I've had to encounter a sexual assault posting on my door!! I'm a single female and now have to check my every move when coming home!! I have yet to be able to come home and just relax without some type of freaking noise!! If it's not the people above with their 2yr and their dog running around ALL DAY AND NIGHT, it's people in the parking lot working on their cars or machines that should be worked on in a shop somewhere. Then you have the car alarms going off every 5 freaking minutes! Or you have the upstairs dog howling until the owners come home. Or you have kids playing right outside your door! Or you have the idiots that don't know how to park and take up 2 parking spots and the big freaking trucks that should be parked on the streets! Just to also let you know, the walls are very thin!! You hear EVERY FREAKING THING!! I can't say much about the office, as I have not seen anyone from the office since I've moved in. I put in a work order to have my bedroom closet door fixed and my kitchen cabinets that are missing handles fixed, and have yet to have anyone fix them! That was back in December!! I pay $2.00 a month for pest control and have yet to see a note saying they have been here! With that said, bugs have been coming out the woodworks since its been summer. I am also not understanding why I am paying for "Real Estate" tax!?!? I thought that was the point of paying rent!?!? Also, be prepared to pay way over the amount of rent you are told! My rent is supposed to be $659! However, after it's all said and done, I'm paying anywhere from $720 to $750 after the "utility" bill(this is the water part crap)!!!! As a single person living in a 1 bedroom, I'm not understanding why I'm having to pay $65 for freaking water!?!? Ridiculous!!!! I think if they were not to allow just anybody to move in, then a lot of the problems would be resolved!! Now I see why soo many people have been moving out!! Look elsewhere before signing a lease is all I can suggest for you!!
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Sommerset Gardens

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