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Sommerset Gardens



Resident · 2010 - 2014
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Office Staff
Sommerset Gardens has now become The Grove at City Center but the same issues still apply. There is construction due to the flooding that happened last year. The apartments have leaks that they never fixed. They are spending more money to upgrade but not fixing issues. Heater/air conditioners don't work well, or at all in some cases. While maintenance is nice and friendly they don't know how to fix things,just jury rig them. They are installing gates but that's really just another ploy to add to the rent rather than actual security in the area. Forget neighbor complaints they won't do anything than say call courtesy patrol or the police. Expect your Heating and cooling bills to be high due to the fact that the apartments "don't have to have insulation", Rent goes up every year by 50 or more. renters who have been here for a while don't get any breaks just more to pay. They do work with you however on rent if you are late but the fees add up fast. Apartments sub-flooring is well bouncy. you can feel people walking anywhere in the apartment, shower stalls in second bath are not sealed correctly meaning you can't use them without wetting down the bathroom. a couple of years ago they did install water efficient toilets which is nice. Someone decided long ago :"hey apple trees and crabapples would be cool here", now in the summer and fall you walk all over them and they get dragged onto your patio/balcony and then ultimately into your house. I gave maintenance a 1 star only because it wouldn't let me do no stars. Again the staff is friendly but usually don't know how to fix anything or will tell you something is fine when it's hanging half off the wall. Forget getting things fixed quickly, usually takes 2 weeks to 2 months or longer Overall, look somewhere else.
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Sommerset Gardens

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