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The Fletcher Southlands

22959 East Smoky Hill Road

Aurora, CO 80015



Resident · 2012 - 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
We have lived here over a year now but won't be renewing again, mostly because we're ready for a change. Overall the place is just 'meh.' Don't be fooled by the descriptions the management team posts describing it as luxury. It is not. Pros: 1. The surrounding location is really the best thing this community has going for it. The Southlands area is nice. 2. I feel very safe living here. I don't worry about walking my dog in the dark or walking in from the parking lot alone. This is a major positive of this community. 3. The neighbors are nice and most everyone is a working professional as far as I can tell. Cons (in no particular order): 1. The parking lots are not cleared of snow or ice. They are slick for several days after a storm. 2. The fitness center is awful. It's hot and stuffy, the windows don't open, there is only one treadmill and it is several years old and creaks. The gym is available after hours with a key, but the restrooms are locked outside of business hours. Every few months I go back to the fitness center, figuring it'll be fine this time, but it never is. No one is ever in there; why would they be, it's gross. 3. The appliances in the apartments are really old and don't work properly. This is a reoccurring comment you'll notice, but the state of the appliances is not acknowledged by management. If you visit, look closely at washer and dryer, and dishwasher, in your actual apartment, not the model. Maintenance does its best just to patch-fix everything. Nothing is ever completely replaced. For this reason, the apartments are overpriced. If the appliances were better, the apartments would be priced fairly, but in the current condition, they are not worth it. 4. The office staff is just so-so. We don't like going into the main office. Depending who you talk to, it can be a bad experience. Some are young and unprofessional, or clearly don't care. I've had to knock on doors to get people to acknowledge I walked in and then they are annoyed you're there. Some eat Cheetos at their desk as a snack, not lunch, and that's pretty gross. I deal with the staff and management as little as possible. We haven't been in there in months other than to get packages. I can't stand going in there. Maybe they're better now. 5. Beware of the children running amok! There are lots of lots of kids, all ages, basically doing whatever they want. As others have commented, they mostly ruin the grass, throw rocks, litter, and walk around in packs with nothing better to do. In the summer, they completely take over the pool, but at least it keeps them from ruining other things. I don't have children, so I can only speak from an outsider's perspective on this matter. My one suggestion on this is to live as far away from the pool as possible. We live on the other side of the complex and I am grateful all the time. Going back to the safety of the neighborhood, in the summer, kids are outside well into night, often 10pm or later. The neighborhood is safe. 6. Dog poo everywhere. Look out. Dogs are also off leash often, which is very annoying. The maintenance team does its best to clean up after the pets, but it's a losing battle, especially in the winter when people get extra lazy in the cold and just leave their dog's poo on the ground or in the snow. Overall, I say 3/5 because all apartment complexes have issues. This community is not overall terrible, just certain aspects are terrible, but considering the problems of other apartment complexes, this one is somewhere in the middle.
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The Fletcher Southlands

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