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The Promenade at Towne Center



Resident · 2011 - 2014
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Office Staff
This is isnâ??t that bad of a place to live. However, donâ??t be fooled. Here are some times of a long time resident (3 yrs as of 8/1/14). These are suitable apartments. Not the best but the location gives it a slight boost. These apartments were built/opened in 1979 and many units have not been updated since then. Due to losing my job, I was kinda stuck here for an additional 2 years. But for the price of a 1 bdrm ($685), I can move closer to work and get central air and W/D in unit. 1. The pictures on the website ARE NOT up to date. The only one is the clubhouse/lounge. 2. Although it is costly, itâ??s better to get the remodeled kitchen/bath with update appliances. Otherwise, youâ??ll be stuck with a cabinetry that hasnâ??t been updated since 1979 (when these apartments were first built). If you choose not to update for monetary purposes, buy those cabinet liners from Target/WalMart/Dollar Tree and make baking soda balls. (I think baking soda, wrap it in foil, pokes holes in them and stick them in the in the corner of the cabinetsâ??they get rid of the old wood smell) 3. Do not get the rentersâ?? insurance they offer, get your own. Also, if possible, get water damage included in the insurance 4. Itâ??s best to view your apartment when empty and be very detailed on your move in form. Take pictures and do not lose them! If anything needs fix, get them to do it before you move in (if possible) or during your first week. 5. Itâ??s best to use the laundry facilities during the late evening. Thereâ??s gonna be competition during the day and weekends. 6. You will not avoid pests. Iâ??ve gotten ants and roaches. They do spray the apartments once every 3 months but unless you white glove your apartment, you canâ??t avoid them. This is why I recommended updated cabinetry. Those old, moldy cabinets attract bugs like no other. 7. The southward part of the complex is quieter than the northward part of the complex. I originally lived in Building G and then moved to FF and finally W. FF and W were quieter. 8. If youâ??re single or married with no kids, you might wanna aim to get a 4 apts/2 floors building versus 6 apts/2floors buildings 9. The kitchens have next to little lighting, especially when you wash dishes (as your back is towards the light) 10. If you live near the trail, donâ??t take your trash out at night. There will be skunks, raccoons, foxes in the dumpsters. 11. To live here, you really have to be persistent with the staff. In the 3 years Iâ??ve been here, there have been 3 different office staff & managers. If you talk to anyone get names! 12. The management here is iffy. If you catch them on a good day, they are helpful. On a bad day, itâ??s like pulling teeth. The one plus is there are pretty laid back IF you give them advance notice of any rent issues. IF there are any issues, do not be wishy/washy. Be persistent in making sure your issue gets solved. Sometimes, skip the staff and go straight to the manager. 13. Visit the leasing office frequently, they are known to make changes without notifying the residents. They will simply type a note and tape it to the office door. 14. When paying rent, drop off the check, get a receipt OR pay online (for checks itâ??s an additional $1.95).TRUST ME!!!!! Remember rent is due by the 3rd of the month. Conservice (water/heat) is due by the 8th of the month. They are extreme bitc*es when it comes to this. 15. Your rent will go up at least $50 each year. They say it is to compete with the other apartments in the area. Ok, thatâ??s fine. If you want to stay, if you hesitate to renew, youâ??ll only see a $10-$20 increase (donâ??t use this as fact though).
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The Promenade at Towne Center

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