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The Promenade at Towne Center



Resident · 2011
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Don't be fooled by the nice pictures, the flashy, newly renovated office and model apartment. Everything looks glitzy and professional but they might as well drop the masquerade and wear oversized shoes and a big red nose. The complex was built in the seventies and with the exception of the office building, it has since been renovated only superficially. There have been issues with cockroaches, bedbugs and rats and from the sink and bath drain the stink of sewage bubbles upward. The walls are very thin and if you are lucky enough to have neighbours that own a stereo you can look forward to enjoying their music along with them - especially if you enjoy mexican polka. I also want to mention theft, gunshots, vandalism and solicitation for drugs. Routine repair and maintenance jobs will not get done within a reasonable time frame. I consider up to two weeks reasonable, anything beyond that is not. When you follow up and ask why something hasn't been done yet, they just look at you as if you've just asked them if the moon was made of cheese. Either that or they will be happy to 'put in another work order'. My apartment wasn't ready on my move in date and when I asked what they were going to do about it, the assistant manager acted all blase and showed no interest in resolving the situation. Instead of owning up and offering a workable solution she just shrugged her shoulders and asked me what I wanted her to do about it. I was told it just hadn't been vacuumed yet, but it was more than that, the apartment was filthy dirty with leftover food in the kitchen, dead cockroaches and soap scum and hair in the bathroom and the toilet hadn't been flushed after it's last use. Finally another girl in the office offered me a different unit. The assistant manager however, has since been promoted to a manager position at another AMC property. When I used my oven for the first time, it exploded and started to burn nearly causing a fire. It was downplayed by responding 'things happen'. They did offer to clean up everything, but only the most noticeable spots were cleaned and most of it was left for me to clean up. The office and maintenance staff are always polite, friendly and keen to assist. One or two among the staff stand out as at least being aware of the issues, but ultimately, when it comes to being accountable and actually following through with anything, it never happens and no one will hold themselves accountable. The one thing they do follow up with is the rent, even if it later turns out to be an accounting error on their part, as has happened numerous times. It would be unfair of me to not mention that they did pay Qwest for the installation of the phone jacks, but other than that no one ever shows accountability: It's always someone else's fault (even if it's just the telephone company) but if you move in at The Promenade at Town Center or any other AMC managed property, it's your own... Full list of AMC managed properties: http://www.sierravillageapts.com/property.asp?display=city&
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The Promenade at Towne Center

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