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The Promenade at Towne Center



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
Moved in June 2010, 13 month 1 day lease w/ mandatory 60 WRITTEN notice you are moving or they Charge you AND they invaid the apartment Without notice when they think you are moving. Within 1st week: leak in bathroom ceiling = 9 months to fix the leak from apartment above, 11 months to fix molding, sagging drywall and peeling paint. Within 1st month: Severe Kitchen sink leak because it does not have plumbing grade fixtures on the drain pipe, flooded into livingroom carpet 4 ft, ruined board under sink = 3 months to fix leak, 11 months to remove mold and replace board, has not addressed carpeting and padding to date. Second month: two sinks in only bathroom begin leaking, ruining boards inside cabinet and base boards = 2 months to fix leak 10 months to replace board, have not addressed baseboards to date. Last month: Ceiling in children's bedroom collapses, find out that neighbor who parties until 3 AM 7 days/week and has 7 people living with her who are NOT on her lease) upstairs has had a leak from rain for 5 months in her bedroom (above my children's) = Office Management told me "Sorry Ma'am... there is Nothing we can do." I was forced to call City Code Enforcer Dusty three times, Dusty had to issue reprimands to get roof leak fixed then my ceiling, neighbor's still isn't fixed and 1 week later they hiked our rent to $1100 with 3 days until the 1st of the month. We needed that extra $400 to move... ;-( we are trapped now for another 12 months 1 day. One Office staff member actually Whined at me "I don't have TIME to give you a written receipt of payment, I have Work to do, I have to process all these NEW lease agreements before the end of the day" "wa wa wa waaaaa" Give me a break! Rats 10 inches long not including the tail, just look at the dumpsters along Sable Blvd! Roaches from the side neighbors that ask me not to call the police on their party that plays LOUD music, Screaming babies with no apparent adult attending to them when I look, soccer game Cheers and Cursing at the opposing players that send balls through the window screens of my room 2x's now this summer BECAUSE and i quote "Our children will be sent back to Mexico where we will be homeless"...!? really!? OK so be GREATFUL you have a home and TAKE CARE OF IT! or GO HOME where you have legal citizenship! Empty beer cans and cheap vodka bottles on MY front porch, baby diapers and feces floating in the pool away from the main office, toddlers playing in the weight room with no adults in the room. Toddlers in diapers run around the parking lot all year. Laundry facilities smell like feces everyday, usually dog feces. units cost 60% more than laundrymat down the road. When we looked at the apartment before renting last year it was bad windy that day so we believed Julio that all the trash was from the target parking lot... I have never stepped foot outside my door without seeing more than a dozen pieces of Large litter and 2 dozen cigarette butts (my household does NOT smoke.) Even used bloodsugar blood testing strips scattered through the grass! Dog feces on porch unregulated outdoor pet cats pee-mark doorways and unleashed/unsupervised dogs attack dogs being walked properly on leashes with owners. I tell EVERYONE I see going near the place "Do NOT rent here, it will be a regret".
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The Promenade at Towne Center

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